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Amazing Things You Can’t Afford to Lose in Thailand

Isn’t Thailand beautiful? I am sure we all would agree that it is one of the most beautiful destinations to spend vacations. In fact, Thailand is visited each year by thousands and thousands of tourists and that number is growing, all that due to the fact that Thailand seduces all the visitors with its beauty and the amazing activities available there. Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing activities you can’t afford to lose if you are visiting Thailand.

Visit Themed Parks: The Phunket Fantasea is a themed and entertainment park located at Phuket in Thailand. If you are visiting Thailand you have to pay a visit to this truly fantastic place, where you can have a lot of fun with your family and friends. At this themed park you will have the opportunity to watch a very impressive show that will feature Thailand’s culture, myths and heritage. All this spectacular show uses cutting-edge technology and a lot of special effects as well. All this to entertain all the visitors informing them about Thailand’s cultural heritage, all that in an entertaining way of course; a buffet dinner is included, definitely an event you can’t miss.

Explore National Parks: The KhaoYaiis worth the visit.This National Park is located in Bangkok, in Thailand. If you love to explore the Thailand’s wildlife, you can’t miss this amazing tour through the whole national park, during all the day. Yes, that’s right; you will have a full-time tour, during all day! Try out the ox-carts in which you will get a ride, experiment the exotic fruits, explore the wildlife. While visiting this national park, you can expect to find tigers, leopards, and bears! It is safe to say that this is a tour that will not disappoint you.

Thailand National Parks

Visit the Floating Markets: Probably you already heard of the floating markets located inDamnoenSaduak. There you can sail in long-tailed boats and see the everyday life Thailand people have. There you can also see the local sellers selling local products; you can also buy some products to take as a souvenir.

Try Out the Elephant Ride:In some national parks you will have the opportunity of riding an elephant! It will be amazing to ride an elephant while you are exploring the wildlife at the same time you are completely surrounded by the impressive Thailand’s nature.

Get to Know the Culture of Thailand:Thailand is an extremely beautiful place, but it is not all about watching spectacular animals or seeing amazing entertainment shows, you can actually get to know the culture of Thailand by simply joining a cultural tour. One of the things you will visiting during the cultural tour, is the Ayutthaya temples, and various historical places, the guide will share a little bit of the history of Thailand during the tour.

Time to Sail: If you one of those persons who really loves water, who really loves to sail and swim, there is one tour you can’t afford to lose. The PhangNga Bay tour will provide you an amazing day; after all, it is one of the best tours in Thailand. During that tour you will have the opportunity of kayaking across the PhangNga Bay and watch highly impressive landscapes.

As you can see, Thailand is a truly amazing place with plenty of things you can’t just help trying out. I am one hundred percent sure you will love the experience and you will surely want to repeat it over and over again. Are you ready to try out all those activities and visit this fantastic destination? Let yourself be part of the growing number of tourists that fall in love for this amazing place. Visit Thailand!

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