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The Carribean Sailing Secrets






Known for the beauty of the pristine, clear, blue waves, the hidden coves and knocks within the islands, the private beaches, and overall serenity, the many islands of the Caribbean have been home to many personal celebrations for individuals, families, and above all couples. The greatest get ssaway spot for newlyweds celebrating their new beginnings with each other or long time married couples, the Caribbean welcomes with open arms the chance to explore its many treasures both in sight and hidden.


The Caribbean, located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, comprises of more than 700 islands, islets, reefs, and cays. The geography and climate varies greatly in the Caribbean based on the region. While some of the islands are relatively flat terrain or non-volcanic origin, others are rugged mountain-ranges towering over the islands.   There is a tropical climate; however, rainfall varies with elevation, size, and water currents. Easterly trade winds are warm and moist blowing consistently and creating rainforest/semi desert divisions on the mountainous islands. There is year-round sunshine with the seasons being divided into six months of dry weather with the remaining six months wetter than the first. The great climate and beautiful seas make the Caribbean the perfect year round vacation spot to visit and relax.

While all of the islands are remarkably diversified of their animal, plant, and fungi population, this region boats of 8% of the world’s coral reefs and extensive sea grass meadows found in the shallow marine waters making it a wonderful place to explore the local marine life by snorkeling.   Having a catamaran or motorboat on hand for a day or so would be spectacular in order to check out the marine life living in hidden coves and bays which are much harder to reach and explore by foot.

The Caribbean lifestyle is greatly influenced by its tropical setting.

Each island’s music, architecture, attitudes, and customs have all been shaped, not only by the physical landscape and climate, but the mixture of the African slaves’ heritage, European colonists, and the enduring legacies of the Indian tribes. This rich cultural identity is shared with the many visitors of the islands through dance performances, richly designed clothing, and delectable foods offered.

Sailing is Something Great.


Sailing the Caribbean while visiting the islands, is an awesome opportunity to go from one side of the island to the next without having to deal with the bustle of the city; allowing for fishing, water skiing, and just relaxing on or in waters so clear you can clearly see the sea life. As many of the islands offer different experiences, sailing offers the opportunity to visit several of the islands without the worry of expensive airfare or multiple hotel accommodations if you choose to utilize a private yacht during your stay.There are various water sports from diving and snorkeling to the sports reserved for above the water like sailing. If you have ever wished for a more diversevacation spot then the Caribbean is the place to go.


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