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Sailing on the Caribbean Sea

With over 700 islands to explore, a number of cays, islets and reefs to see, it is no wonder that the Caribbean is among the top travel destinations, the world over. Depending upon your travel itinerary as well as your starting point, sailing through the Caribbean will provide you with miles upon miles of sheer beauty. You will get to discover different cultures, history, water life as well as land life, depending upon where you anchor your yacht.


A look at some fascinating yachting destinations on the Caribbean:


The Bahamas is located just 50 miles off the coast of Florida and provides for a tropical set of islands that will suit every need, from the luxurious to the not so luxurious, with everything in between. You will find beautiful white sand beaches as well as pink sand beaches, all graced with the clearest blue waters. You will be mesmerized with playful dolphins and wild flamingo  colonies that paint the horizon pink. The Islands has 32 ports of entry so that you are able to sail into one of them and anchor, before embarking on your adventure of the island. While at the Bahamas, you may decide to cruise your yacht to one of the nearby cays such as Great Guana, Elbow, and Green Turtle, or you could decide to indulge in a bit of snorkeling  at the famous Exuma cays Land and sea park.

Although the Bahamas has quite a number of islands in its fold, some of the most fascinating include:

  • Long Island which is home to Dean’s Blue hole, the deepest recorded blue hole the world over.
  • Grand Bahamas Island which boasts of  great golf courses
  •  For a rustic experience, pay a visit to Acklins and Crooked Island
  • San Salvador which is home to the Gerace Research center and reportedly the first place that Christopher Columbus came ashore in the new world.
  • Cat Island which is the cultural capital of the Bahamas and home to Mount Alvernia, the highest point in the Bahamas.

Cayman Islands

A cruise to these beautiful islands will leave you in wonder. The islands were named after Caiman, which is a genus of crocodiles that used to roam on this part of the Caribbean. The island is located about 480 miles south of Miami and offers a number of attractions such as the famous Seven Mile beach which runs for five and a half miles and comprises of George town to one end.. There are plenty of water activities to be enjoyed on the island such as scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing

Antigua and Barbuda

A luxury yacht cruise to Antigua and Barbuda will bring you to a whole new world! You will be sure to enjoy the islands both on land and in water. You can relax at any of the beaches in store, with beautiful white sands set at the backdrop of clear blue waters. In addition, there is an annual sailing competition in the month of April that draws a number of sailors to showcase their talents on the waters.Also included is the classic yacht regatta, which is more for beauty than speed.

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