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The fascinating waters on the Caribbean Sea

If you love sailing, then planning on a Caribbean destination is a must! The Caribbean has over 700 islands to explore, meaning that you will have the time of your life island hopping, and discovering what each mystery of nature has to offer. You will get to enjoy miles upon miles of sheer beauty with the sea breeze keeping you company! On anchoring your yacht on an island, you will either get enchanted by the water life or the land life and also the history attached to the particular island, in essence it will be a memorable trip worth making.

Set sail to the wonderful world of Antigua and Barbuda and get immersed in the culture and history in place! You will get to pick a beautiful beach of the many to just sit back and relax your day away,. Alternatively, if you planned your trip for the month of April, then you will be sure to enjoy the annual sailing competition which draws quite a large number of sailors to come showcase their skills. If showing off your yacht is what pulls you to the area, then you will be sure to enjoy the classic yacht regatta.

Cayman Islands beckon many a sailor with their fascinating beauty. The islands themselves get their name from Caiman, which is a genus of crocodiles that used to roam its waters. If you are wondering where exactly the islands are located, then you need to know that they are about 480 miles to the south of Miami. When you anchor at the islands, the famous seven mile beach will await your visit, you will get to enjoy activities such as fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving or just relax the day away under the beautiful sun, with the breeze blowing at your face, and watch the world float by!


The Bahamas are one of the magnificent Caribbean islands that never seem to miss out on many a sailor’s itinerary. They are located just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, and present you with a tropical set of beautiful islands just waiting for you to enjoy! The beaches, depending upon which one you choose, will have different colors of sand, from the pink sand beaches, to the white sand beaches. While at the Bahamas, playful dolphins will leave you in awe while the wild flamingo colonies that paint the horizon pink will tempt you to take pictures.

Some of the activities you can expect to enjoy while at the Bahamas are snorkeling which can be enjoyed at the famous Exuma cays Land and Sea Park. You could also decide to explore some of the cays in the area such as Green Turtle, Elbow and Great Guana. Alternatively, if Island hopping is your thing, then you can get to explore quite a number of islands, each with its own special mystery. You can hop onto Long Island, home to Dean’s blue hole(the deepest recorded blue hole in the while world), or cruise to Cat Island, home to Mount Alvernia, which is the highest point in the Bahamas.

At the end of the day, no matter how many days or weeks you have slotted to explore the beautiful Caribbean Sea, it just might not be enough, what with all the fascinating places to visit, but ultimately, it is a sail worth making!

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