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Can U.S. Citizens Visit Cuba?


There is nothing new about the relations between the United States of America and Cuba. Decades passed and the relations between these countries are still cold. If you are a United States citizen and if you would like to visit Cuba, perhaps you have some doubts concerning your stay in that country. Even though the diplomatic relations between both countries are quite difficult, you are allowed to visit Cuba, but there are some issues that may be worrying you, in this article we are going to explore them all and provide you solutions to possible barriers you may find.

When we think about the Cuban government, we immediately think about a dictatorship that restricts access to a lot of things. So, when someone states that there are restrictions to tourism travels to Cuba, one would assume that those barriers were imposed by the Cuban government, but that is not what is happening. The U.S. government was responsible for creating these barriers. A U.S. citizen isn’t allowed to visit Cuba if he/she doesn’t possess a license issued by the Department of Treasury. Of course you can get a license from the Department of Treasury, but it will be only granted to you under specific criteria.

Many U.S. citizens share the same opinion in regards to the process of acquiring a license to visit Cuba, after all, the process to get that type of permit requires time, patience and money that’s why more and more tourists are choosing other alternative ways to circumvent this situation. Many U.S. citizens go to Canada or Mexico and then, from there, they head to Cuba.

During your stay in Cuba, make sure you carry enough cash with you; credit cards related to the United States will not work within the Cuban soil. Also, if you are in serious danger or are in serious trouble you must know that there is no United States Embassy in Cuba, although the U.S. interests are represented by the Swiss Embassy. During your stay in Cuba, your passport will be essential, make sure you always carry a photocopy of your passport, if you lose your passport you can get yourself in a big trouble. If you want to secure any goods or important documents you might possess (including your passport), you can rent a security box at the hotel even if you are not a guest there.

When leaving Cuba, make sure you do not carry any good that says “Made in Cuba”, these products are not allowed in the United States, that’s why you must be very careful. Obviously products like the famous Cuban cigars are not allowed in the United States either. Cigars without labels may appear to be suspicious and the customs’ agents may think they are Cuban cigars, thus causing you further trouble.

Sailing in Cuba Island

Yes, citizens from the United States are allowed to visit Cuba as tourists but there is a lot of paperwork to fill, there are a lot of procedures to follow, there are some barriers that will difficult the travel.

To conclude, there are so many beautiful places to visit in Cuba, there are friendly locals to interact with, there is a culture and a different society to get to know, there are amazing activities to do, tourists can’t miss all that! This is why it would be much more beneficial to all the U.S. citizens that want to visit Cuba as tourists, if the relations between these two countries become more normalized, it would be easier, faster and cheaper for the U.S. tourists that visit Cuba if there weren’t so many barriers in visiting this interesting and amazingly beautiful island.


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