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Rent a Gulet and Sail Across the Mediterranean

Rent a Gulet and Sail Across the Mediterranean

Sailing is becoming more and more popular among adventurous people who have an inner desire to explore and get to know new places. If you have that special taste for adventure and also love to sail, why to do not combine them and rent a Gulet to start sailing? Boat renting enterprises are making it easier for everyone who wants to sail. There are discounts and promotions that will make the renting process a lot cheaper. Be part of a vast number of people who are enjoying an amazing sailing experience across the ocean.


When we think about sailing, there are a lot of boat types to choose from, if you are thinking about paying a visit to the Mediterranean consider the option of renting a Gulet. This interesting boat type is easily recognized by the wooden appearance and by the two or three masts it has – usually you will find two-masted Galets. There are various types of Galets with different prices for different budgets. The costs will vary according to the age of the Galet, the size, the destination, the number of days, the season, and the like. The Galet’s size can range from 14 meters up to 55; it can be a cheap vessel or a luxury one. 

There are many factors that can influence the price that you will pay for renting this type of boat; however you can expect to pay US$600 up to US$1500 per day. Galets are very popular among tourists who visit the Mediterranean. These wooden boats’ design was inspired in the original Gulets, but on the inside they are equipped with what you need in order to enjoy a comfortable trip across the ocean. Let’s see some of the things the Gulet has to offer us:

As previously mentioned the features on board of the Gulet will depend on your budget. There are low-cost Gulets and also luxury Gulets available for renting purposes. Your Gulet can be as small as 14 meter, or as big as 55 meters; it can possess 2 to 16 cabins. In case of a basic Gulet the cabins will only possess the essential: a bed, a toilet, and a shower. On the other hand, if you choose to rent a luxury Gulet, your cabin will be equipped with a comfortable bed, a bathroom, a Jacuzzi, a TV, and so forth. A basic boat will have a basic crew; on the other hand, a luxury boat will have a professional crew dedicated to serve you. The deck will have a wide area for sunbathing and it will also be a good area for eating and relaxing. Most Gulets will have a saloon that will be equipped with a bar, a dining area, TV, air-condition, and so on.

Every single Gulet will be completely prepared to provide you an outstanding trip across the ocean. The dedicated crew will not only assure your safety but also that you are comfortable on board of a delicately decorated Gulet with a welcoming atmosphere and plenty of features.

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