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Charter a yacht in Istanbul and embrace clear blue waters

The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul  makes for a fascinating location to visit be it for a sailing expedition or to explore the beautiful streets and amazing architecture. The region’s climate borders on humid subtropical climate and Mediterranean climate. Charter a yacht in Istanbul and sail through glistering blue waters while taking in gorgeous surroundings.


Make your sailing safe when you charter a yacht in Istanbul

Sailing can be relaxing, however, when not done right, it can be a risky venture, considering that you sail to basically the middle of nowhere and have large expanses of water surrounding you. It wouldn’t be ideal to find yourself in the middle of nowhere only for your boat to capsize and leave you floating on water, hoping for rescue to come your way. Having an experienced crew can lessen the risks associated with sailing. To make for a safe sailing trip, there are a number of tips it is best to keep under your belt.


A look at some tips to keep in mind when you charter a yacht in Istanbul:

$1·         When you charter a yacht in Istanbul, be sure to check with the weather condition of the route you intend to use in addition to the day(s) you intend on sailing. Places to get the much needed weather condition include the television, coast guard forecasts and the radio. In addition, you need to be observant , watch out for rough winds, darkening clouds and volatile waves.

$1·         Make a checklist and keep it handy, making references to it as much as possible. Your checklist could include a fire extinguisher, making checks of your boat for any signs of trouble that may arise during the sailing, having a well stocked first aid kit and PFD’s.

$1·         When you charter a sailboat in Istanbul,  and make your way t the beautiful blue waters, it pays to be observant, to be aware of any vessels at sight, be it the large ones or the small ones. It also pays to sail at recommended sailing speeds.  Be sure to follow navigational warnings and buoys, do not drink and sail.

$1·         It is best to keep people informed of your sailing route and the days of sailing in addition to having it listed with the marina personnel or your local coast guard.  Your trip notice could also include personal information of yourself and your guests, the itinerary, the boat type, communication and safety equipment among others.

$1·         Last but not least, it is ideal to learn how to swim since you will basically be surrounded with water. It could come in handy when circumstances go south and your boat gets in trouble or you slip over board or are knocked over.

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