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Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Time Travel Sailing Style

It won’t exactly be a DeLorean, and 88 miles per hour may be a stretch, but when you step off of your rental sailboat at Koper it will seem as if you have stepped into another time. Walk on the island where ancient Greek sailors walked. Travel the roads that the Romans did as they incorporated Koper into their own sailing route trading salt for goods. Stand on the hills where the Italian armies in World War II launched attacks against the Allied fleets. And this is just one of thousands of islands you can find on your sailing vacation in Slovenia.

If you are a romantic, and you are going on this sailing trip with your loved one, visit any one of hundreds of castles, where princes and princesses once lived. Walk hand in hand in the Grand Courtyards and along the pathway overlooking the city located just on the other side of the castle. If you are a lover of architecture, tour the many Byzantine style cathedrals that seem to dot the landscape overlooking the Adriatic Sea.


Take a walking tour into the hills as you see parts of Koper and Slovenia that few people get the chance to see. Snap some pictures of the rolling hills that once were home to thousands of goats in ancient times. When you are done at Koper, hop back into your time sailing boat and catch the wind to one of the nearby villages for lunch. Sample some of the local cuisine made in restaurants that are older than your great grandparents. Spend some time shopping in some stores in the villages that are older than that.

Evening in Croatia

When you have had your fill of food and shopping, get back in the sailboat and be out on the water to experience the splendor that is a Croatian sunset. Toss a fishing line in the water and try out your luck in the same waters fished by some of the first professional fishermen in history. Enjoy the twinkle of bright stars and the full moon reflecting off of the glassy waters.


When the sun begins to peek over the horizon the next day, and you dock in the next marina, mount a horse and follow along some of the back trails of Slovenia. Explore lush vegetation, quaint villages, spot the wildlife grazing in the fields. And don’t worry about going back home, because your sailing vacation isn’t even half over yet!

Stay for local celebrations in May like the Internautica and meet modern day sailors from all over the world who have come to Slovenia for the same reason you have, because it is a beautiful escape from the stress of everyday living and the modern headaches that come with it. For total relaxation, hire a captain and crew so you don’t have to worry about the actual steering of the sailboat. If you don’t have a lot of experience in sailing attend any one of a number of sailing schools in the area that can give you that experience.

And when it is time to finally head back to the future, take one final look at the vessel that carted you away and delivered you safely back and promise yourself that you will return and do it all again soon.

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