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Preparing for Your Sailing Vacation

Preparing for Your Sailing Vacation


The trip is now scheduled. You will be traveling to the Adriatic Sea to rent a sailboat and plan on sailing to as many of those remote islands as your time and energy will allow. You’ve already booked the sailboat and a few stops in Novigrad and Porec. What are you missing? You don’t want to get halfway there just to realize that your sailing vacation is in jeopardy because you forgot something, right? Here are a few things you really have to have in order to make this a vacation to remember.

Things You Will Need to Bring

First, you need your passport. Some of these islands like Koper and Istria are in different countries. You may need it to identify yourself in case of emergency so keep it on your person at all times, not in your luggage!

Second, you will need some bottled water. Make that a lot of bottled water. You will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful crystal clear water in the world, but you can’t drink it. And hours spent on the sparkling deck of your sailboat will dry you out.

Protection from the Sun

Third, you will need sunscreen. Make sure it is sunscreen of a sufficient SPF that will keep you safe from dangerous UV rays for hours. When the sun reflects off of those waves, you are going to be bombarded with potential sun burn causing rays from above and below. Make sure the sunscreen is water proof, too. Sometimes it will just be too tempting and you will want to jump into the sea off the deck of your sailboat.

Fourth, you are going to need eye protection. The glare of the early morning sun reflecting off of the Sea can obscure a large area, as large as another boat heading in your direction, as you plow forward in your boat. Use sunglasses to help reduce this glare. And just hope that the person driving the other sailboat has them on as well.

Protection from the Weather

Five, you will need appropriate dress. In the mornings to early afternoon, it is likely to be hot. In the evenings, you may experience a little cool wind. Being prepared for both will help you enjoy your sailing excursion in Croatia, Slovania and Italy.


Six, you will kick yourself if you don’t bring a few cameras. From ancient fortresses and castles to picturesque sunsets as seen from the sailboat you don’t want to miss out! The lush gardens of Slovania, the vineyards and winery tours, you will want to remember it all.


Seven, bring an empty to semi-empty suitcase. Every village you stop in at Koper, Trieste and more will have quaint shops that have been open longer than most countries have been around. You will want somewhere to stash all of those extra goodies you buy. It’s not every year that you hire a yacht to tour the Adriatic Sea, so splurge a little on the local knick-knacks.

So whether you are sailing as a planned voyage or you hope to make it up as you go along, be ready to let yourself go and experience a sailing vacation the way they are suppose to be.


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