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Yachting and Sailing – A Trip of Life

GREAT TIME!!! As you get closer to your earned holidays, you have to make decisions on how to spend your vacations so that you get the best recreation for money spent. One of the most enjoyable and refreshing ways to spend your free time would be to take a yachting and sailing trip somewhere enchanting and a thrilling place, so that you get best value for your time and money. The choices are many and varied. Just to mention a few, a trip to the Far East, the West Indies or the South of Europe. And then the choice would be between a fully crewed catamaran and a Luxury Yacht. Another choice would be between a Sailboat, Motorboat and a Gullet.


Have a trip which you remember for life.

 Almost any of the ports that you are going to visit on this yachting and sailing trip of yours, will have beaches as well as ports to go sightseeing. There would be towns and villages to spend time exploring, hotels and restaurants to eat and drink. To spend the night, go see the lively night life. The beaches have facilities to cater for your surfing as well as water sport and diving interests. All this is abundantly and cheaply available. Then there are some of the most gorgeous bays and coves to snorkel around. In short the possibilities for a thrilling vacation are endless and limitless.

Amazing beaches just for you

Many of the locations you chose to visit will not only have a lot of beautiful beaches, but also a back drop of magnificent mountains and stunning rivers. All places that you see will be breathtaking and you will relish them for a long time to come, and maybe for ever. For even more strenuous activity you can go and play beach ball or take group tours to all types of ancient and modern locales and enchanting places.

All sorts of combinations are available to suit every mood and pocket, and can be pre planned from single to multiple bookings, to type of vessel required and berth needed, the number of days on the trip, and even down to the type of food and drinks that you will like to consume.

You have so much Choice.


Take a double pleasure trip this time with a cruise and a holiday intertwined for your ultimate relaxation. It’s like two joyrides in a single ticket, more flexible and more akin to your needs and demands, and we will surely pamper you to a new state of euphoria. You get to choose from a large choice of destinations, hotels as well as cuisine and accommodation. The destinations vary from the West Indies in the Americas, and then the rich and historic locations around the Mediterranean, including Spain, south of France, Italy, Greece and Turkey, and Alexandria and Sharm ul Sheikh in Egypt to the South. You can have a trip from Dubai with all its grandeur, in the Gulf, and further east to Phuket and the south of Thailand.

Have a Sailing Vacation
A Complete Summer Vacation

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