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Yachting on the French Riviera

The French Riviera or Côte d’Azur as it is known in French is a dream destination for many and has been showcased on many a television. Located in south east of France on the Mediterranean sea, the French Riviera is a beautiful yachting destination for many, which is why you won’t fail to see a yacht or two anchored in the beautiful clear blue waters. The coastline stretches all the way from Saint Tropez, which is a famous yachting region, to the borders of Italy. The area boasts of a wonderful climate, mouth watering cuisines, and holds a special elegance to it that attracts a number of visitors, especially those on yachts. With 600 miles of yachting splendor as well as yachting ports such as Cannes, St Tropez, Monaco and Antibes, it is no wonder that many yacht enthusiasts include the area in their itinerary. The area also boasts of many beautiful beaches, perfect for relaxation.


Sail aboard your luxury yacht to the beautiful Riviera and discover some breathtaking resorts, white sandy beaches as well as restaurants and shops. For the best yachting experience, take a cruise to the area between Menton on the Italian boarder and the fascinating fishing port of Saint Tropez. Saint Tropez offers a number of attractions such as the Plage de Pampelonne, which is a beautiful white sandy beach suitable for swimming and relaxation while soaking in the sun. There are scenic historic walking areas at St. Tropez Harbor. Pay a visit to Place des Lices market, which is a flea or street market selling a number of items from the food stuff to beautiful antiques, clothes to jewelry, shoes to any number of items you can think of that can be sold on the street.

Port Vauban in Antibes also attracts a number of yachts.  Antibes is where Picasso lived, on the sea, and so you will find Musee Picasso with some of his works. The museum is housed within  an old castle, giving its visitor a glimpse in ancient architecture. Fort Carre gives visitors a trip down history lane by the sea side, at the end of the port is a four pointed structure that was used to protect Antibes from Nice. Port Camille Rayon holds an amazing fleet of yachts as well as boats of different sizes, while a visit to Cap d’Antibes offers you a chance to paddle on the calm, beautiful blue waters, providing you with a wonderful feel of the waters and the scenic surrounding areas.

Quieter yachting destinations include the areas of Lerins Islands, Esteral cliffs and Porquerolles. Lerins Islands which are a group of four Mediterranean islands hold a fascination to them. St Marguerite Island, which is one of the largest islands in the area houses the cell that was occupied by the Man in the Iron mask. It is said that it took him 11 years to leave this tiny, forested island. St Honorat Island on the other hand is home to Cistercian monks, who divide their time between prayer and producing white and red wines, lavender oil, honey and Lerina, which is a herbal liqueur.

Apart from the mentioned destinations, the south of France offers a number of other must see yachting destinations.

Exploring the beautiful Turquoise coast.
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