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All you should know about sailing in Corsica – Details about the many sailing points here

Located in the west southeast of the French mainland, north of Sardinia, and west of Italy, Corsica is one of the most beautiful French Mediterranean islands, and is truly a sight to marvel.

In terms of its size, Corsica is said to be the fourth largest island in the whole of the Mediterranean, outsized only by Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus. On average, it is known to cover an area of more than 8680 km2. If truth be told, the island is known for its 1200 km long coastline, with endless beaches and bays, which is the reason why it has managed to gain immense fame amidst those interested in yachting and sailing.


Corsica is literally heaven for all those interested in beach based activities, such as yachting and sailing. The best part about Corsica, as already mentioned, is its 1200 km coastline, which allows it to have endless number of marinas and ports.  Its southeast coast is particularly famous for its countless marinas and bays, whereas the western coast doesn’t offer way too much in this regard. The charter bases in Corsica, to tell you the truth, are not all that large sizes, and offer a modest range of yachts for you to choose from. If you are on the lookout for alternatives, then you can easily acquire these from the charter bases present on the island of Sardinia, Elba and even the famous Italian mainland.

The different yachting points for you to check when you charter a yacht in Corsica


When you rent a sailboat or yacht in Corsica, you must definitely consider checking out the Strait of Bonifacio in its southern end. This is basically a strait that is known to serve as a partition amidst Corsica and Sardinia. Although the coast here is more on the rugged end, you would be able to view some of the largest existing white cliff towers over the sea here. Most interestingly, if you charter a boat, you would also be able to check out some extremely enticing coves that exist in between these large cliffs. To tell you the truth, the Strait of Bonifacio is like a dream come true for sailors for it continually has the perfect sailing wind due to the nozzle effect created by the cliffs. 

Apart from that, another well-known and frequently visited port is that of Bastia, which is located right in the north-eastern coast of Corsica. If you are considering chartering a luxury yacht in Corsica, then make sure that you visit Porto-Vecchio for it is known for the delightful offers that it has for luxury yachts. It is considered as being amongst the finest beaches in the South of Corsica, and when used as a base, it even makes it possible for you to visit the beautiful nearby islands. Another port that you must visit is that of Ajaccio for it is not just a beautiful gulf, but is also surrounded on its three sides by mountains – beautiful scenery that will make your yachting in Corsica a whole lot more fun for you.

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