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Embark on a Spanish Sailing Vacation

Embark on a Spanish Sailing Vacation

Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, Spain is a very popular country among tourists from all parts of the globe. Spain is known for its cultural heritage, unique gastronomy, and inimitable traditions. Spanish people are known for their cheerfulness and hospitality. So what better place than Spain to enjoy the sailing vacations you deserve? Now we will find out the secrets that make Spain one of the top destinations when it comes to tourism and sailing.


You will find three climatic variations in Spain: to the Southeast you will find a semiarid climate; to the North you will find an Oceanic climate; and in Central Spain you will find a Mediterranean climate. The temperatures will vary according to the climatic variation that will depend on your location, but generally speaking, summers are hot (particularly during the months of July and August) and winters can be very cold. The peak-season happens in the summer because that is when people from Spain and from many other spots in the world travel to various points of interest in Spain. However, there is a downside when you visit Spain during the summer: temperatures can get very, very hot, even getting to the point of reaching more than 40ºC. Fortunately if you are up for a sailing vacation, you will have numerous opportunities to refresh yourself.

As a matter of fact Spain is one of the very few countries that border with both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, and it also has two groups of islands: the Canary and the Baleares archipelagos. The upper mentioned factors are more than enough reasons to emphasize that Spain is indeed a wonderful sailing spot. Now let’s see what else it has to offer us.

If you visit Spain during the summer, you will notice that the heat and the crowded places will take over the country. During those hot months all you will love to do will be sailing and get refreshed. There are a variety of marinas, various ports, sailing schools ready to teach you all you need to know about sailing a boat, there are various boat renting services where you can usually rent your favorite boat and choose to use (or not) the services of a professional skipper. Now that you know that Spain has the necessary infrastructure to support your sailing vacation it is time to get to know a few places that are really worth visiting.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could charter a yacht and enjoy a maritime trip across the group of islands that together form the Baleares archipelago? Ibiza is one of those islands and there you will have an excellent climate, wonderful ports and marinas, there you can rent a boat, start sailing and exploring couldn’t be easier. Definitely a place you really need to visit.

Romantic beaches, all types of boats, friendly people, all these characteristics are part of Barcelona, a spectacular city full of a vibrant life with all the necessary ingredients to impress you: cultural events; complete cultural, architectonical and artistically heritage; music festivals;  nightclubs, and so on. You can’t leave Spain without visiting Barcelona, it is really amazing!

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