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Set sail to the gorgeous region of Marbella

Picturesque regions to look forward to when you charter a yacht in Marbella

Marbella is one of the top most sailing destinations in Spain with reason. This gorgeous region is blessed with fascinating architecture, impressive marinas, exotic resorts and an overall breathtaking landscape. The beautiful region of Marbella is located on Spain’s south coast and with the magnificent Sierra Blanca mountains rising majestically to the beautiful azure skies, the region provides for a brilliant picturesque atmosphere.


Everywhere you turn on the beautiful waters you will find a beautiful mix of gorgeous water vessels from the motor boats to the power boats, the catamarans to the yachts all standing majestically in wait for their owners to take them gliding through crystal clear waters. In essence, when you charter a yacht in Marbella, you can look forward to sailing through beautiful waters as you mesmerize at the fascinating surroundings from the amazing marine life to the beautiful landscapes.

Activities to indulge in when you charter a yacht in Marbella

Once you charter a yacht in Marbella, you will be spoilt for choice as to which activity to indulge in first. You could sail through the shimmering waters and gaze at the beautiful surroundings as you relax the day away with the sun shining up ahead and the beautiful breeze blowing at you, or you could swim in the glistering waters, snorkel, or surf. You could also set anchor at one of the impressive marinas, go on shore and explore the fascinating architecture that the region boasts, sample of mouthwatering meals or relax the day away at bewitching resorts. You could set sail Eastward to the gorgeous city of Malaga and pay a visit to the Roman amphitheatre, the Moorish castle or enjoy the lively nightlife in the area.

Charter a yacht in Marbella and set sail to Torremolinos, one of the coast’s most popular holiday resorts or if that is not your cup of tea then you could head West towards Gibraltar. At Gilbraltar, you can look forward to stunning surroundings or a spree of tax-free shopping. You could also indulge in a bit of dolphin watching, fishing or swimming while in the region. In case you are up for it, then you could set sail to Africa and visit with the beautiful Moroccan port towns of Tetuan, Tangiers or Smir.


Ultimately, whichever route you choose to take, you are bound to have a relaxing trip. Be sure to check with the weather conditions at the time of the sail to avoid weather problems at sea, pack appropriate clothes and plan your route beforehand to enjoy your sailing experience. The sailing excursion to Spain provides for a relaxing getaway with beautiful places to visit, charming cultures to discover and a rich history to unwrap

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