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Explore the autonomous Spanish Islands of Balearics

Sailing destinations to look forward to when you charter a yacht in Balearics Islands

The Balearics Islands that are found near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula are an autonomous Spanish Island group that provide a breathtaking beauty to its visitors. The fascinating islands that form the group are Menorca, Formentera, Ibiza, Cabrera and Mallorca, each providing for a fascinating experience to its visitors.


From the craggy landscape to the beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters, the Balearic Islands provide visitors with a sublime experience on their visit. Dependent on where you’re coming from, when you charter a yacht in Balearics Islands, there are a number of fascinating landing places to start your cruise of the beautiful region. You get to enjoy the cool sea breeze, gaze upon gorgeous surroundings as you sail under the beautiful sun.

Coming to the area from Italy or France, Menorca or Mahon provides for the best landing place. You will be able to experience the relatively unspoiled island of Menorca, which unlike the more popular islands of Ibriza or Mallorca are not yet spoilt with tourist activities.

Cala Grao is a popular anchorage; however, there is a need to approach it slowly due to the fact that it shoals rapidly towards the beach, it is also best to approach it on a westerly course while keeping near the center of the cala. Once anchored, you get to enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, take a walk to the marshes and lagoons and generally experience beautiful nature.

Other destinations to look forward to when you charter a yacht in Balearics Island include the fascinating fishing village of Fornells with its mouthwatering lobsters,  the picturesque area of Cala de Formentor with its magnificent mountains, cliffs and luscious greenery and Port Cristo which is famous for spectacular caves discovered in 1896.

Weather conditions to expect when you charter a yacht in Balearic Islands

During the summer months, when you set sail to the western cruising area, you will experience southeast winds. When you charter a yacht in Balearic Islands and set sail to the eastern cruising area, you will experience the north and northwestern winds. From 5 to 15 knots, you will experience east to southeast winds while sailing from Ibiza to West Mallorca while a sail from East Mallorca to Menorca presents you with northwest winds. The most common winds come from the North. On average, the winds are much stronger in the Northeastern part of Balearics. Generally, the area is prone to a dry, mild climate all throughout the year while some rain is experienced in April.


In order to get the best sailing experience, without the huge tourism crowd, it is best to set sail outside the high season, between the months of July and August. The months of May or June and September or October are notably ideal for a number of sailors wishing to enjoy the islands to the maximum.

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