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Discover the unspoiled natural beauty that is Asturias

Charter a yacht in Asturias and experience the sheer beauty within

Located between Cantabria and Galicia on the Atlantic coast is a beautiful gem known as Asturias. The area provides for a fascinatingly unique mix of beautiful sandy beaches, high mountains and an overall gorgeous scenery. Approaching it by sea, you will be deceived into believing that you are entering into Switzerland, but Asturias, which is little known to many is a true sailor’s paradise!


Charter a yacht in Asturias  and discover the best preserved and most refreshing bits of Spain in the 21st century. The sparkling coastlines dotted with beautiful eucalyptuses and pines call for  a fascinating view of the region, not forgetting the glistering blue waters and the cool breeze blowing at you as you sail along.

Owing the its verdant color of the ocean and the fertility of its pasture and woodland scenery, the Asturias coast that is dubbed as ‘Costa Verda’ is an amazing area to visit with its beautiful succession of cliffs, creeks and beautiful sandy beaches. For an amazingly beautiful view of the coastal scenery that is Asturias, charter a yacht in Asturias and sail to the eastern coast from Villaciosa to Llanes. As you sail, you will get to enjoy approximately 41 miles of sheer coastal beauty!

It doesn’t matter much whether you go in for the motor yachts or the sail boats, the cruising gullets or bare boat charters; as a sailing enthusiast, you will find that cruising through Asturias is a paradise indeed and provides for a special sailing experience. Since a third of this region is protected, inclusive of a large portion of the coastline, you will find that a visit to Asturias will present you with a region that is yet to be spoiled with developments. It is dubbed as Natural Paradise or ‘Paraiso Natural’ owing to its natural beauty! A real paradise for an outdoor enthusiast, you get to enjoy activities such as biking, horse riding, fishing, canoeing, walking, golfing surfing, skiing in addition to sailing among others.

Special points of interest to look forward to when you charter a yacht in Asturias

Generally speaking, Asturias provides for an amazingly beautiful region, however, there are a few special points of interest that will leave you in awe when you charter a yacht in Asturias.


$1·         Aviles,  a delightful small city with a few impressive old buildings and an attractive coastline to its west that is dotted with small sandy coves, rocky headlands and long beaches.

$1·         The active seaport of Gijon which is popular to many a coastal sailor and yachtsman.

$1·         Picos de Europa which is popular for mountain-biking and hiking among other outdoor activities. The area is the finest and most preserved of high mountain areas in Europe. It is also a spectacular location for bird-watching.

$1·         There are a range of small fishing ports along the coast of Asturias which are also worth paying a visit to such as Taznes, Cudillero , Colombres and Llanes.

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