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Explore exotic Murcia

Charter a yacht in Murcia and sail through a breathtaking lagoon

An autonomous community in Spain, the beautiful region of Murcia is located in the southeast of the country between Vancian community and Andalusia on the Mediterranean coast. Unlike the rest of the autonomous communities in Spain that comprise of a number of provinces, Murcia comprises of only one province. Considering that this beautiful region is no so popular like the rest of the sailing destinations in Spain, the surroundings are not yet spoilt, considering that the region doesn’t receive large crowds of people. There is a rich and charming culture to this gorgeous region with special highlights such as museums, cultural events, gastronomy, monuments, festivals and historic remains among others. Charter a yacht in Murcia and discover its rich cultural heritage, its fascinating history and stunning surroundings.


Dubbed as the Costa Calida(warm coast), the region ‘s gorgeous coastline is the shortest of the four mainland Mediterranean communidads. The beauty of this region is that it has an inland sea known as the Mar Menor, which when combined with the Mediterranean Sea provides for almost double the coastline length.

Sailing through the Mar Menor lagoon provides for a fascinating experience on the waters. The largest lagoon within Europe, Mar Menor enables visitors to participate in a number of on-shore and off-shore activities. Activities to be enjoyed include; kite surfing, windsurfing, diving, waterskiing and canoeing among others.

Light wind sailing tips when you Charter a yacht in Murcia

When you encounter light winds while sailing in Murcia, there are a few tips that you need in order to sail like a pro in case you intend to charter a yacht in Murcia and cruise through the shimmering waters as the captain of the yacht.


A look at light wind sailing tips that you could embrace:

$1·         You need to keep your boat moving forward when you encounter light winds in order to avoid going off-course.

$1·         You need to make use of smaller sails in order Fill and Go. This is because, you need to keep the boat moving and if you allow the boat to go off-course then you could face a scenario where it fails to get going again. Remember, sails have lots of weight, which weight will not keep your boat going forward. In such cases, you need to choose sails that are smaller and lighter in weight in order to help your boat move forward.

$1·         You need to under trim your sails considering the wind flows on either side of your sails. You need to keep the wind attached from the luff to the leech for as long as you possibly can by  easing your sails more that you think necessary.

Ultimately, when you charter a yacht in Murcia and sail through this fascinating region, you will wish to stay on for longer and enjoy the stunning sceneries.

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