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Explore the enchanting Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are spaced so well that when you sail through them, you will have a memorable time in the area. The Islands are blessed with an infusion of various cultures, historic influences and bewitching surroundings. They are found off the northwest coast of mainland Africa and provide visitors with a wonderful sailing experience while in the region, awing to the favorable winds in the area.


All throughout the year, a sail to this enchanting region will present you with warm climatic conditions. This in addition to the beautiful sceneries to explore make the islands a much coveted sailing destination for many a visitor. Rent a sailboat in Canary Islands and explore the rich history to the area, infused with a wonderful mix of culture and topped up with beautiful surroundings.

Locations to explore when you rent a sailboat in Canary Islands

A visit to any one of the islands will leave visitors in awe with their bewitching beauty. The most popular of the islands is Tenerife, which also happens to be the biggest island when compared to the rest. A visit to the enchanting island of Tenerife will present you with the outstanding Mount Teide, which is approximately 3,700m in height and is labeled as the world’s third largest volcano. A trip to Mount Teide will leave you awestruck as you gaze upon the bewitching volcanic landscapes. There are also beautiful beaches to be enjoyed while in the region.

Rent a sailboat in Canary Islands and sail your way to the Gran Canaria, home to a wide variety of beaches, mountains, high-rise resorts, villages , a desert and a jungle. The impressive mix has led to the Gran Canaria being dubbed as a ‘miniature continent’

In case beaches are your passion, rent a sailboat in Canary Islands and make your way to the stunning Fuerteventura Island, home to some really beautiful beaches. While in the area, you will be able to visit with whales, dolphins and flying fish among a number of other exotic marine life.

A visit to the small but fascinating island of La Palma will present you with an enchanting beauty. This is due to the fact that island is blessed with beautiful greenery, with a lush vegetation.

Weather conditions to expect when you rent a sailboat in Canary Islands

Owing to the islands’ location on the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands get a lot more exposure to the elements when compared to the Mediterranean. During the months of October and November, you can expect lighter winds in the region.


A well-planned route taking into account the climatic conditions will make for a memorable sail through the Canary Islands as you embrace beautiful surroundings

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