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Explore fascinating Catalunya

The mesmerizing Catalunya region is said to be one of Spain’s most beautiful regions and with reason. A visit to the region will present you with a rich history, a fascinating culture, beautiful beaches and a number of bewitching surroundings. Rent a sailboat in Catalunya and discover what makes this region one of the most popular sailing destinations.


Climatic conditions to expect when you rent a sailboat in Catalunya

When you rent a sailboat in Cantalunya, you can expect a predominantly Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers coupled with refreshing sea breezes. The spring and Fall months come with the rainy season n addition to the area experiencing cold or cool winters. A diverse climate is generally a part of the region, with the coastal areas of Tarragona, Girona and Barcelona experiencing a Mediterranean climate while the inland parts of Lleida and Barcelone experience majorly a continental Mediterranean climate.

Places to explore when you rent a sailboat in Catalunya

There are a number of places to explore when you rent a sailboat in Catalunya. Explore the beautiful Costa Brava while in Catalunya. The region boasts of over 200km of a pristine coastline dotted with rugged cliffs and home to a number of fishing villages. Don’t be alarmed by the jellyfish along the coast as it is their home! In addition, dependent upon the season that you choose to set sail, you could encounter whales or dolphins. Stretching down from the French Border to Blanes, the beautiful Costa Brava coast lies just north of Barcelona.

A sail along the coast will present you with castle ruins, rugged cliffs that plunge into the sea and an all-round beauty.


A route of interest could take you from Palamos to Llafranc. Along the route, you will be able to embrace beautiful sceneries as you sail through crystal clear blue waters.

Getting to Catalunya can be done by air, road, train or sea. In case you are coming in by air then you should know that Catalunya has 5 airports and 6 aerodromes in addition to other aerial facilities. In case you are coming in by train, then there are three types of rail networks to choose from, the Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat of Catalunya, the Rodalies and RENFE. Coming in by sea means you could make use of any one of the 52 ports and sailing clubs in the region while arriving by road, you should be aware of the speed limits to the region which are, 100km/h on national roads, 120km/h on motorways and 90km/h on regional roads. Once in the beautiful region of Catalunya, you can look forward to wonderful surroundings, a rich and fascinating culture and history in addition to a wonderful sailing experience.

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