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Sailing route from Bar


Explore the beautiful coastal town when you Charter a yacht in Bar

A major seaport of Montenegro, Bar is a coastal town with splendid sailing conditions for its visitors. It is connected to the rest of the coast of Montenegro by the Adriatic Highway that extends on to the Albania. This beautiful coastal city is located between Budva and Ulcinj in the western part of Montenegro.


Considered to be one of the sunniest destinations in the southern part of Europe, when you charter a yacht in Bar, you will be presented with approximately 270 sunny days on any given year, which calls for s splendid sail with the sun kissing your face and the cool sea breeze blowing at you and enabling you t relax your day away.

The climatic conditions to the region are Mediterranean, characterized by mild winters and long warm summers. The region embraces a rich history with a number of historical sites to explore such as the castle of King Nicola and the Nehaj fortress ruins that originate from the 15th century.

Nature lovers are bound to find a trip to Bar a fulfilling one, what with the bird watching to be enjoyed at the Skadar lake in addition to the stunning landscapes and the rich biodiversity of the marine ecosystem. Nautical enthusiasts are not left out with qith the wonderful sun to be enjoyed on the glistering sea.

Routes to sail when you charter a yacht in Bar

With Bar as the starting point, you can enjoy a great sailing experience on the clear blue waters of the sea as you take in beautiful surroundings. Bar with its wonderful mix of cultures and styles is found on the Adriatic Sea and is the southernmost tip of Montenegro. The fascinating town is home to a number of medieval buildings and covers beautiful natural surroundings that leave visitors in awe, especially in the Old Town.


Charter a yacht in Bar and make your way north towards the small town of Petrovac. Here you will be able to enjoy the beautiful long sandy beach and hop onto the islands of Sveta Nedjelja and Katic for a bit of scuba diving.

Leaving the small but beautiful town of Petrovac behind, set sail northwards along the Budva Riviera and make your way to Budva. Here, you will find a wide range of shops, cafes, restaurants, and galleries and be able t participate in the vibrant nightlife if you opt to stay on. You could also make your way to the stunning sandy beaches and relax the day away.

From Bulva, you make your way to Jaz which is to the northwest before returning south along the coastline to bar.

Ultimately, when you charter a yacht in Bar, you will get an amazing experience sailing through the beautiful regions.

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