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Explore stunning surroundings and cruise through fascinating routes from Kotor

Charter a yacht in Kotor and utilize wonderful sailing routes and beautiful locations

Situated at the foot of Mt. Lovcen, the beautiful town of Kotor is rich in mythology and has a stunning beauty to it. The town is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in this part of the Mediterranean. The region is seen as an ideal and suggestive departure point for sailors in and around the Montenegro peninsula and towards the southern part of Croatia.


Kotor embraces originality in terms of the numerous traditional events which is why a number of visitors are attracted to the region. In addition, the great sailing experience that is to be enjoyed in the region entices a number of sailors.

Fascinating places to visit while in this beautiful region include the Maritime Museum, a number of palaces, the cathedral of St. Trifun which dates back to the 12th century and a number of unique features that make this medieval town an amazing place to visit. While exploring this amazing town, you will notice that it comprises of a maze of tiny alleys that tend to meet unexpectedly and form ‘squares’ which squares are anything but a square. Charter a yacht in Kotor and get to discover the rich history in the area in addition to a fascinating cultural heritage.

Sailing routes to  embrace when you charter a yacht in Kotor  include:

$1·         From Kotor(inside Montenegro) to Perast then onto Budva and arriving at Petrovac before making your way back to Budva then on to Bigovo followed by Rose and back to Perast before arriving back at the starting point(Kotor)

$1·         From Kotor(towards Croatia) then onto Cavtat before making your way to Dubrovnik then onto Sipan followed by Pomena(island Mljet) and arriving at Jakljan before making your way back to Dubrovnik then Cavtat and lastly Kotor.

Charter a yacht in Kotor and discover what makes this region so beautiful

The region is home to the Bay of Kotos which is considered as one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the world. The Bay of Kotor which is one of the three basins of the Gulf of Koto is surrounded with the steepest of mountains. The bay is also the innermost bay.


A visit to the area will let you learn of the European history to the area, which history played an important role in a number of empires, thereby, providing for a rich and diversified heritage. The old town is home to a number of cathedrals and churches which are fascinating to pay a visit to. It also incorporates fantastic architecture for example the Saint Triphon Cathedral which is a wonderful piece of Romanesque architecture. You could also pay a visit to the Maritime Museum which is home to a number of beautiful pieces. Charter a yacht in Kotor to embrace the stunning surroundings in the region and discover the rich history to the area.

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