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Sail to dazzling Herceg Novi

Discover fascinating locations when you rent a sailboat in Herceg Novi

‘The city of the Sun’ or Herceg Novi awaits your exploration when you rent a sailboat in Herceg Novi. The area spots some of the best sailing spots and boasts of a great location for dazzling summer holidays. Located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and situated at the foot of Mount Orjen, the stunning coastal town of Herceg Novi has a lot to offer its visitors. You get to embrace the coves of Zanjic and Mirista which are known to have some of the cleanest waters on this side of the Adriatic and also get to embrace the rich cultural heritage to the region alongside its beautiful and rich history. You also get to explore the numerous mythical caves within its folds or simply rent a sailboat in Herceg Novi  and cruise through the beautiful Adriatic Sea as you take in gorgeous surroundings.


Rent a sailboat in Herceg Novi and make your way to Igalo where you will find an abundance of healing mud known as ‘Igaljsko blato’ the mud is known for its healing properties. There are also a number of mineral water springs n the area. Discover the fascinating history that made the area what t is today. Igalo was ruled by a number of sides, from the Austrians to the Turks, the Venetians to the French in addition to the King of Bosnia, this means that it embraces a rich blend of history and culture. You will find a number of dazzling historic buildings in the region when you take a stroll through it, or you could make your way to the Citadel at the top of the city and stroll through gorgeous landscapes as you take in breath-raking surroundings.


While in the gorgeous city, be sure to pay a visit to the Heveg Stjepjan square with a little church right in the middle and beautiful palm trees surrounding it. Whichever way you look, you will be left in awe by gorgeous surroundings. A visit to Herceg Novi will mean a visit to mesmerizing locations, some ancient, some not so ancient, but overall, you will get to enjoy unfolding stunning sceneries and exploring fascinating historical sites.

A number of sailors make it a point to include Herceg Novi in their itinerary, not only for the beauty to be explored but also for its gorgeous waters and ideal sailing conditions

Climatic conditions to expect when you rent a sailboat in Herceg Novi

In terms of climate, the stunning region of Herceg Novi experiences dry and hot summers coupled with warm winters. Rent a sailboat in Herceg Novi and be a part of the beauty, rich history and cultural heritage in the region.

Sail through the breathtaking region of Izola
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