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Visit with the exotic region of Prcanj

Visit with the exotic region of Prcanj

Rent a sailboat in Prcanj and be a part of its rich history

Prcanj is a charming village in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro. It offers visitors breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea and a chance to explore stunning surroundings. With its prime location to the bay, you get a chance to go fishing , swimming or simply relax your time away as you take in gorgeous surroundings. You could take a stroll through the charming town and look upon its fascinating architecture or hike to the forts and churches on the hilltops and enjoy amazing views as you discover the history behind the sites. Rent a sailboat in Prcanj and explore the stunning sceneries in the region.


While in the charming town of Prcanj, be sure to pay a visit to the Birth of Our Lady Church which took up to 120 years to build. The architectural design is an impressive one.

Rent a sailboat in Prcanj and cruise through the stunning part of the Boka Bay, situated approximately 5km from the ancient town of Kotor. Get to visit with the “Tre sorrelle”(Three sisters) a mansion with a unique edifice that was built in the 15th century. Legend has it that the mansion follows the tragic love of three sisters who happened to fall in love with the same sailor. The sailor, with a promise to choose one of them to become his wife on his return went sailing and never came back. With the passing of years, when a sister died, her window was sealed, unfortunately, the last sister to die had no one to seal her window. The open window is said to “listen to the whisper of the distant oceans”

Activities to indulge in when you rent a sailboat in Prcanj

When you rent a sailboat in Prcanj, you will get to explore stunning sceneries dependent on the sailing route that you choose. The beautiful village is home to a number of small beaches and jetties awaiting your enjoyment as you take a swim or relax the day away soaking up the beautiful sun. You could also indulge in a sport of fishing, take a hike through beautiful landscapes, cycle or explore the fascinating sights of Montenego further afield. Take a cruise through glistering blue waters as you pay a vist to a number of beautiful islands along the way. Visit with the beautiful islands of Herceg Novi, Kotor, Budva, the Perast twin islands and Sveti Stefan among others. You wll get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries that will unfold when you drop anchor and explore the dazzling islands, not forgetting the numerous water sporting activities that you could indulge in such as water skiing, snorkeling and swimming.

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