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Reviewing Malta as a Sailing Spot

Reviewing Malta as a Sailing Spot

If there is one thing boat lovers love is an island. What is even better than one island? Three islands.  Islands are always good sailing spots because they combine relaxation, beauty, and exciting sailing potential. As a matter of fact Malta has everything you need to enjoy a compelling sailing experience. If you are struggling to decide what will be your next sailing destination, in this article we will be reviewing Malta as a sailing spot.

Malta is located in the Mediterranean, and it is constituted by three different islands: Gozo, Comino, and Malta. History tells us that over the centuries Malta has been the stage of many battles, and it was the place many cultures called home. From Arabs and Crusades, to Greeks and Romans, they all occupied the islands of Malta, and over the years they shaped its culture background. At some point in history the Maltese were under British control and that is, in part, the reason why Malta possesses excellent maritime infrastructures, since the British were known for being apologists of maritime power.


Like many other sailing spots located in the Mediterranean, Malta reaches its peak-season during the summer when the temperatures are higher. During that period you can expect the prices of everything related to sailing (boat renting, sailing classes, among others) to increase. Malta possesses a Mediterranean climate. You can expect hot and dry summers when the average high temperature is about 22ºC, the months of July and August are the hottest months and that’s when the average temperatures reach about 34ºC. Winters are rainy, windy, and relatively cold, the average temperatures are about 14ºC and the colder month is January when the average temperature is about 9ºC.

In Malta there are various ports, marinas, boat yards, and yacht clubs, which means that there you will find the necessary sailing infrastructures you need to get started with your boat trip or cruise. There are three boat yards in Malta and two of them are small boat yards where you can get basic services. There are a total of four marinas/yacht clubs, there you can get your boat fixed and also get sailing classes, or you can go in a boat cruise. Additionally there are five ports that you can easily use.

Malta is not only a good sailing spot but also a quite popular touristic destination. Every single year it is visited from people around the world, there are plenty of places to visit and also plenty of activities to do. Visit places that have been classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and get a better insight about the Maltese culture that over the years was shaped by people from different cultures. Language barriers won’t be a problem in Malta, since most people are quite fluent in English.

Last recommendations: you can always find cheaper prices without cutting on the quality, so if you want cheaper prices it is better to visit Malta from February to May, during this period there are few tourists and companies drop their prices, for you, that means lower prices same fun!

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