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Explore the rich heritage in Valletta

Rent a sailboat in Valleta and explore fascinating locations

Malta is known as the cradle of a number of ancient civilizations, with a total of seven islands making up the archipelago, of which three of the islands(Malta, Comino and Gozo) are inhabited. A visit to this enchanting location inspires many to rent a sailboat in Valleta and sail through the beautiful open-sea. With the region being home to one of the world’s largest harbors and a number of natural harbors to boot, it is no wonder that a visit to the area will mean a glimpse at a number of charters docked on the glistering waters.

The beautiful region of Valetta not only dominates in one wide sweep, the Island’s history Grand Harbor and also one of the world’s largest harbors, but also embraces a fascinatingly rich history within its boundaries. A visit to the capital will let you have a glimpse of some of Malta’s rich heritage of archaeology, fascinating architecture, and a beautiful blend of art and culture.


While in the capital, be sure to visit with the Auberge de Provence, Valletta, where you will get to view the numerous collections of prehistoric sculpture, pottery, stone implements, statuettes as well as personal ornaments that were recovered from the Maltese megalithic temples and a number of other pre-historic sites.

In case taking a step back into history is not your cup of tea, then you can pay a visit to any number of beaches in the region and relax the day away. It doesn’t matter what holds your fancy, you could be a lover of blue lagoons, golden sand, rocks, Inland seas or red sand, you will find your fascination with a visit to the region. You will be able to snorkel in the rocky inlets, take the family out on any one of the family beaches or water-ski, windsurf and jet-ski, the choice if yours. Rent a sailboat in Valletta to explore what the beautiful region holds.

Sailing routes to embrace when you rent a sailboat in Valletta

There are a number of sailing routes that you could indulge in when you rent a sailboat in Valletta. Sailing northwest from Valletta, you can take the route that will lead you to the tiny island of Pantelleria. From Pantelleria, you could make your way west towards Hammamet, Tunisia then sail around the north tip of Tunisia and make your way to Tunis. From Tunis, you could make your way northwest to Mahon in the Balearic and finally make your way to Spain when you utilize the southwest leg.


Alternatively, you could decde to set sail from Valletta onto Comino, from Comino onto the Island of Gozo and finally back to Valletta. 

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