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5 Reasons to Rent a Boat in Croatia

5 Reasons to Rent a Boat in Croatia

Especially during the summer, Croatia is one of the top touristic destinations of Europe. As a matter of fact its economy is partially supported by tourism. The Adriatic Sea is one of the reasons why tourists visit Croatia. The Adriatic Sea and a thousand islands and islets make this destination a perfect choice for those who want to sail in Croatia. Let’s explore the 5 main reasons to rent a boat there.

Reason no. 1: The Continental and Mediterranean Climate

Croatia possesses a continental climate in certain areas, which means that the temperatures are not very comfortable all year round, during the winter you can expect to find average temperatures of -3 ºC, that’s quite chilly. During the summer, the temperatures are a little bit higher; you can expect to find average temperatures of 18 ºC, it is not cold at all, but that’s not what we would want during the summer.  The positive point about the Croat climate is that it also has a Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic Sea coast, which means more comfortable temperatures. The Adriatic Sea will moderate the temperatures, that way during the winter you won’t find chilly temperatures, and during the summer the temperatures will not be excessively hot, they will remain comfortable. 

Reason no. 2: Easy Boat Renting

As previously mentioned Croatia is one of the top touristic destinations thanks to the proximity to the Adriatic Sea. Tourists from around the world want to sail and explore the various islands Croatia possesses. As a result, boat renting services would have to be present. Various enterprises saw a great opportunity and decided to set up their boat renting businesses. There are various companies that will offer you boat renting services, which means that renting a boat in Croatia couldn't be easier. Those services will be equipped with various types of boats, so choosing the one that fits you will not be a problem at all.


Reason no. 3: The Adriatic Sea

Definitely ready to impress those who want to sail on it, be ready to enjoy the true sailing experience while exploring Croatia’s surroundings sailing across the Adriatic Sea. Thousands of tourists are attracted by the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.  Boat renting services found a thriving opportunity thanks to the Adriatic Sea. The temperatures are moderated by this Sea. The Croat islands are surrounded by this Sea; seems that the Adriatic Sea is very important for Croatia, its people, and also the tourists who visit it. 

Reason no. 4: The Country

Going back to the data provided by the 2011 Croat Census, Croatia had a population of slightly more than 4.20 million people. There are many places to visit, many people to get to know. From cafes to bars and pubs, there you will find everything that you need to have fun, and yes, that includes sailing.

Reason no. 5: The Islands and Islets to Explore

Croatia possesses about a thousand islands and islets, from that impressive number, slightly more than 40 are inhabited. This is a great opportunity for those who bear the word ‘adventure’ in mind. There are so many islands and little islands to explore while you are sailing across the Adriatic Sea, you will really want to repeat the experience over and over again. 

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