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Sailing from Dubrovnik and back…

Croatia had always popped up when discussions of dream travel destinations were had with friends. And so being a person who likes to experience things first hand, I just had to see what the fuss was all about. From what I had searched about the place, I discovered that there were a number of low-cost air routes available, that the place had plenty of sunshine, and that there was a burgeoning dance festival culture to be enjoyed. I found out that the youth especially liked to travel to it and that its most popular tourist hotspots were Dubrovnik and Split. Since I had some holiday time coming up, I booked my tour and packed my bags in readiness for what Croatia had in store for me.


I picked a motorboat cruise tour because I am especially addicted to water, and what do you know? There are cruises to be enjoyed in Croatia! I of course enjoyed some few places while in the city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a really beautiful city, with many amazing attractions like the Roland statue which symbolizes a free city, the Rector’s Palace, which now houses a museum with many beautiful collections. I also visited Sponza Palace, with its historic archives, Placa Stradun, where the old city seems to come to life and the beaches. Being a water person, I especially liked the relaxation I had at the beachside. I had the pleasure of visiting both Baje and Lapad beach, which each offered their own pleasantries, and with the sun hitting my face, the waves whispering hello to my ears and the waters singing their songs to my soul, what more could I ask for?

Since my sailing was a day away, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to look into what was in store for me. I went to ACI Marina, and was amazed by the number of sailboats, motorboats, yachts, catamarans and whatever other vessels to be seen on the waters that seemed to be beckoning me. The boats stood majestically in the waters ready to take people to the beautiful waters and beyond, but I had to grind my teeth and wait another whole day! I used the spare time to continue with my tour of the city, did some shopping, took pictures, enjoyed some wonderful meals and whiled the time away as best as I could.

The day to begin my cruise couldn’t have gotten here any sooner! I was that excited to explore some of the Islands that I had heard so much about. With all the supplies that I needed packed and ready to go, I went aboard the motorboat in readiness for my trip! We cruised our way to the small port town of Trstenik, where we had some wine-tasting, and also went to a late-night beach club, via a speed boat. There were a few swimming stops on our way to Hvar town, the “St Tropez of the Dalmatian coast”, we also toured a bit of the city of Split, which had quite a number of attractions on offer, like the Hvar Island, old Split,Marjan, Diocletian’s Palace and Froggyland , among other wonderful places

We then made our way back to Dubrovnik and eventually back home, all in all it was an enjoyable and very memorable travel experience that I look forward to repeating in the future.

Original author: Mussadiq
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