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Zadar in Croatia - A sailing enthusiasts heaven!

Wish to experience the utmost beauty that Zadar in Croatia has to offer? Go sailing in Zadar and refresh yourself in the serenity that it has to offer!  

Talking about sailing, it is probably the best way to spend your summer holidays. Visiting different ancient towns and snapping away crazily at every small article of so-called historic importance no doubt has its charm, but sailing is a different subject altogether. It lets you feel nature up-close, helping you gaze into the eyes of the sea god and leaving you enchanted and thrilled to the very core of your soul.



Though other tourist spots are teeming with people, letting noise pollution destroy every hope of peace and quiet, sailing is one way that takes you to the heart of a popular area with only the sea and wind for company, and of course the sailor to whom you owe this great favor.

It is full of sailing opportunities!

Want to take your kids out on their first ever cruise adventure? Zadar is the place to start. It is full of endless sailing opportunities, filling the Adriatic Sea with all sorts of boats ranging from motor boats to yachts. Each person can take a pick according to his or her personal preference and taste. Before starting off, however, talk to the hiring company manager and listen to his advice. He will provide you with the best possible option to make your sailing experience memorable. For families, special security facilities are available to protect small kids and children throughout the journey so you don’t need to worry about a toddler experiencing a potentially unfortunate accident. Sailing in Zadar definitely has it’s plus points; sailing being the most popular activity in the town, it is full of experienced sailors that not only provide you with an entertaining and safe experience but also act as tour guides, letting you in with interesting snippets of information whenever the opportunity arises.


Reliable sailing companies exist that can be contacted through internet or telephone for pre-hand bookings. Every step is fully legalized to make you feel comfortable and at home. Sailing boats come in all sizes, ranging from the ones with berths only large enough to house 3 people at a time to large ones that easily accommodate 3 or more families. Moreover, before you charter a yacht in Zadar, you can request custom changes to be made to the interior. Almost all the boats are furnished extravagantly, providing edibles and drinks and more than comfy bunks. Like it way too much? Rent a sailboat in Zadar for as long as a month and no-one will point a finger at you or shake contract in your face.

There are endless on-board activities to keep you hooked. Your sailboat will dock at every small island of significance and will also momentarily slow down in areas where marine life is quite obvious and beautiful enough to be observed. Shipping equipment is available as well, the sailor driving will be responsible for teaching you how to swing a fishing line and earn the best catch. You will also be given first aid lessons and protective kits of your own. Swimming tests often precede the sailing experience to ensure that everyone is capable of saving himself/herself in times of trouble. You can even choose to leave behind the staff members if you qualify in sailing and are fond of loneliness. Rent a boat in Zadar and have a blissful experience.

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