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Chartering a skippered yacht at Skiros, Greece allows you to marvel at its natural beauty

Charter a skippered yacht at Skiros to be able to truly enjoy the natural beauty that Skiros, Greece boasts of! An unforgettable experience! 

So, you aren’t a sailor, don’t have the required qualification and are in need of what you can call a chauffeur for your yacht just so you can view the natural beauty that Skiros boasts of without a worry – right? Well, in such a case, the best thing for you to do is consider chartering a skippered yacht!



To be honest, this option is particularly the best for people who are interested in having a ‘laid back’ holiday, and wish to have a sailing experience where there isn’t a thing to worry about! Seriously, the carefree trip that you’ll be able to have when you charter a skippered yacht in Skiros is going to be etched in your mind forever!

Any other reasons why I should consider chartering a skippered yacht when I get to Skiros, Greece?

Certainly! See, the fact of the matter is that skippers are fairly knowledgeable about the different types of boats around. This means that you wouldn’t need to stress out about the skipper not being qualified enough to handle the boat. Also, you would be able to check out varying bays and ports, and just anchor around at a beach too. Oh, and the fact remains that skippers typically ten to be locals, so they would be in a far better position to provide you with a bit of advice on the different ports to visit, places to swim, where to eat and dive etc. They would additionally tell you about the locations that you need to steer clear of. 

The most important factor that you need to take into consideration is that when you charter a skippered boat, you would no longer be liable for any damages that might occur to the boat – it’s the skippers concern. Also, being a professional, your skipper would be able to provide you with top notch advice on what to do in case an emergency arises during your trip. Their advice on who you should get in touch with right away is going to prove really efficient in case something goes wrong.

Are there any requirements for the skipper?


Of course – being human, your skipper is going to need to eat, drink and get ample sleep too. Just in case a berth isn’t available for him or her, the skipper can easily rest in the salon by pulling down the salon table. However, make sure that you give the skipper enough time to sleep! Also, when you dine out, make sure that you get him or her to join you to create a more friendly ambiance on the yacht.

When do I have to pay the fees for chartering a skippered yacht in Skiros? Do I need to worry about the yacht’s maintenance?

Well, at times, it might be necessary for you to pay the fees right after docking, or once the papers of the boar are handed over to the harbour master. Also, there’s not a thing for you to worry about with regards to the maintenance of the boat as the skipper is going to handle it – however, be helpful and just make sure that the boat remains clean at all times! Bon voyage! 

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