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Your Sailing Vacation – Pula

Your Sailing Vacation – Pula


          In this part of the world, located just on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, you will see some of the oldest standing structures in the world. Maybe that was the intent when you scheduled your sailing vacation, maybe it was just a fortunate discovery. From the art and cathedrals in Venice to the castles of Slovenia and the early Roman settlements in Brioni, there is a rich display of history that isn’t discovered by many people. When you steer your rental sailboat into the harbor at Pula in Croatia you are embarking on a journey into the past.

          You can start with the Roman Amphitheatre. It’s size alone dominates the entire area. This amphitheatre dates back to the 1st Century and is crafted from the local limestone hewn in Pula. There is seating for twenty thousand spectators, an impressive size for a first century building. Today this area is largely used as a tourist attraction, giving space for history buffs to sit in a two-thousand year old arena. Occasionally there are film festivals held in the amphitheatre for local entertainment.

          For the true sailboat aficionado with a taste for history, Pula offers the archaeological museum which features finds from all over the Istrian region. Exhibits include artifacts dating back to the second century BC up through the 6th Century AD. A large sculpture garden surrounds the museum stroll through before going in. Oh, and those gates you pass on the way in? They date from the 2nd Century, and they aren’t even counted in the list of finds in the museum.

          When your taste for history runs for the more current type, take a visit into any one of the various bars and clubs that feature disco music. Yes, there are still some people that like disco. Pula is a study in contrasts! Eat lunch in a 2,000 year old building and dinner in a retro-1970’s disco! Your sailboat vacation has landed you in the center of a city that defies time itself.

          Just when you thought you’d gotten enough of the water, take a visit to the Diving Centre in Pula and take a class on scuba diving, or if you are an experienced diver, charter a trip out to see some of the beautiful undersea world of Pula.  When you are done touring, dancing, and diving, and learning about archaeology, it’s time to head back to the sailboat to finish up your tour of the area. Sail out far enough, and you can watch the sunset as you depart. If you time it right, you can see the lights in the amphitheatre blink on as the night activities begin. It should give you a small glimpse of what early Roman sailors must have seen as they approached the tiny island of Pula in their sailboats.

          Are you concerned about not having enough experience to steer one of these sailboats successfully? No need to worry! Many times you can hire a captain and crew along with the boat so you can concentrate on enjoying your sailboat vacation.


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