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Your Sailing Vacation – Romance

Your Sailing Vacation – Romance


          There is already a lot of pressure on any young man who is about to propose to his love. If this sailing vacation is an attempt to do so, or maybe you are already a couple and you want to recommit to each other. There are many excellent choices for a destination for your proposal. Let’s look at a few of them.


          Propose to your love at Juliet’s balcony. Legend has it that if you rub the right breast of Juliet’s bronze statue, your love will have great luck. Put the whole end of the play out of your mind and just do it. You can even schedule a wedding ceremony at the balcony, but there is a fee, and you have to plan in advance.

Sail on a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs and kiss your love at sunset and according to legend, your love will be sealed forever. Perhaps Juliet’s balcony was booked, you can always propose under the Bridge as the bells toll at sunset. After you kiss her of course, first things first.


          Propose to her under the sign at the street named for the famous lover, Casanova. Of course, then you have a lot to live up to, but at least she would forever remember the journey to and from this proposal. Walk the street hand in hand when she accepts and take in the sights that Casanova himself would have seen.


          What better place to propose than a vineyard full of sun drenched grapes? Croatia is rich in wineries, vineyards and many other wine related areas. If your love is a wine connoisseur she will find one she likes because there are so many varieties of locally made wines, including some made from plums in Istria!


          Whether you are going to be sailing on the Adriatic for a week, two weeks or less, the spectacle of a sunset over the water is a beautiful sight to see. If you choose a sunrise to pop the question, make sure your love is dressed and has had her hair partly done. (This is of course assuming you will be video taping the proposal.) A sunrise proposal  can set the tone for a perfect day. On the other hand, a sunset proposal should be the culmination of a romantic day of wine, roses, gondolas, sailboats and dinner. A sunset proposal caps off the day as perfect and bodes well for the night as well.


          Honeymoons on the sea are a special thing. Every port you stop in from Istria to Venice will hold a certain appeal as you see it all through the eyes as a newly married couple. The trips to the top of the basilicas to see the city outline in shadow, even the darkness of cave exploring in Croatia will be experienced better as man and wife. The rental sailboat you started on will become your special place, your inner sanctum to enjoy each other and to plan for your anniversary sailing trip.


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