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Your Sailing Vacation – Brioni

Your Sailing Vacation – Brioni


          After experiencing the history and cuisine of the surrounding Italian and Croatian coast on your sailing vacation, it is time to get back to nature. There is no better place for the camper, whether you prefer the primitive camping with little to no modern conveniences or prefer to be safely ensconced in a cabin or luxury tent, the islands around Brioni offer several alternatives. There are sixteen islands with a varying degree of beachfront, nature trails and wildlife. On Big Brijun, there is a national park with a plethora of hundred year old pine trees.

          Take a three hour tour of this park called the Safari. It features a trek into the National Park, a visit to the local museum and a tour of the archeological finds of a Roman settlement. Camping isn’t really your style? No problem, Brioni also has a hotel. Visit the National Park and retreat to a hotel room for the night if you wish. Of course, there’s always the cabin in the sail boat if you want to save a little money for souvenir hunting! 

          Brioni was the summer home of the Archduke Ferdinand, but after World War II, became the summer spot for visiting celebrities and dignitaries including Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Caroline. It was many years before the public could visit this charming island regardless of their mode of transport, sail boat or not. The island boasts significant dinosaur fossil footprints, Roman ruins, a large pigeon aviary, huge greenhouses and wild ostriches and deer.

          If you prefer more modern relaxation activities, you can play golf, tennis or take a train ride through town. There’s always the option of renting a golf cart to take in some of the smaller areas of town, visit the local shops and restaurants. For an out of the way, secluded and calm destination, Brioni may just be the perfect stop on your sailboat tour of the Adriatic Sea.  Brioni Beach was named one of the best romantic beaches of Croatia, if this sailing vacation is romantic in nature, you may want to stop in and see why.

          Explore any one of the sixteen islands, keep an eye out for local wildlife though. Stay on board the sailboat and spend some time fishing, swimming or skiing in the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Spend some time enjoying the local cuisine and the colorful residents of Brioni. The good news is that your vacation on board the sailboat isn’t over yet. You still have plenty of time to sail down the coast to any one of a number of popular destinations. Don’t forget to snap a lot of photos so you can cherish the memories of these quaint locations you visited. You may want to make a note so you can carefully plan your next sailing vacation of your favorite locations, the attractions you missed and the meals you enjoyed the most. And don’t forget, the coast long the Adriatic Sea is timeless, so it will all be as charming the second time as it was the first.


Your Sailing Vacation – Romance
Things To Remember When Sailing Croatia

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