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Top Places to Sail In Croatia

Top Places to Sail In Croatia


Croatia is unarguably one of the most beautiful sailing spots in the world. Every year, millions of sailors from all over the world come to this place. Croatia has a lot of beautiful islands which are perfect for those who want to experience a sailing vacation. It is interesting to note that most tourists who go to Croatia are not really first-timers. Most of them have been to the country a couple of times in the past and they decide to come back just because Croatia is very beautiful. The number of tourists that visit Croatia grows every year. More marinas are being constructed and the existing ones are being renovated. This is so that tourists from all over the world will be accommodated. If you are trying to plan where you would spend your summer, it is very advisable that you consider the beautiful country of Croatia.

Here are some of the best places to sail.

Zadar – Zadar is one of the most popular cities in Croatia. It has existed for centuries and because of that, it has a very rich history. The people of Zadar experienced being ruled by a number of foreigners including the Romans, the Byzantium, the French, and the Venetians. It has also been governed by a lot of Croatian rulers. The rich heritage that this city has is shown through the historical structures that have been preserved. One of these structures is the St. Donatus Church. It is a very beautiful medieval basilica. The people of Zadar consider this structure as the trademark of their city. A lot of people consider starting their island hopping escaped from this point since it is very ideal for yachts and sail boats. The good thing about Zadar is that its location protects it from very strong winds.

Split – A lot of sailors also consider Split as the starting point of their Croatian sailing tour. An itinerary with Split as the starting point could include Hvar, Ravnik, Korkula, Lucice Bay, and other destinations. Like Zadar, Split also has a very rich history. It is more than one thousand and seven hundred years old and it also has a lot of historical monuments. The great thing about the monuments in Split is that they vary when it comes to architectural styles. It should be noted that Split is also considered a UNESCO Heritage Site. What made split ideal for sailing is that it is a natural safe harbor and it gets more than two thousand and seven hundred hours of sunshine annually.

Dubrovnik – This is also another popular starting point for sailors. Dubrovnik is considered to be the tourism capital of Southern Dalmatia. Like other places in Croatia, it also boasts of its numerous stone city walls and historic Monuments. It is considered by a lot of people to be one of the most popular Mediterranean cities. A sailing trip from Dubrovnik could consist of nearby destinations such as the Saplunara bay, the Zaklopatica bay, Korkula, and Polace.

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