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Split - A City Of Culture and Fun Sailing

Split - A City Of Culture and Fun Sailing


Split, a city in Croatia, boasts one of the world’s richest histories. This historical city has a lot of tourist attractions which have been luring many tourists to visit the place. But there is more to this city than enjoying the busy city life. It actually has neighbouring small islands that you can go to via yachting or joining local cruises. Some people might not have thought yet of how to enjoy sailing vacation in split, but its neighbouring islands sure do offer you great sceneries and beaches.

Split’s weather condition is of the Mediterranean kind and it sure is perfect for cruising and sailing. You can actually choose two options if you want to explore split by sea. You can either rent a sailboat or join tourist cruise so that you can enjoy your trip along with other tourists. Whichever you choose, you will still be able to enjoy your sailing vacation away from the busy city of Split. So what are the attractions that you can enjoy whilst sailing?

Island hopping is the perfect term to describe visiting Split’s beautiful nearby islands. Many tourists have not yet visited these islands, such as the island of Hvar. A lot of luxury yachts can actually be seen on the docks, mostly owned by Croatian celebrities. The castle prison is a must see attraction also in the island that is sure to raise the curiosity of the travellers. You need not really hire or rent a fast boat just to reach the island. You can enjoy more the panoramic views with a slow speed, savouring the beautiful climate of the Mediterranean and the calm Adriatic Sea. There are also plenty or restaurants and bars that you can try when you stop by on the island.

If you choose to join the local tourist cruise, then there is more than just doing the island hopping experience. You also get to know more about the Croatian Culture by mingling with the boat’s crew and exploring the inlands while the boat is at dock. Meals are sometimes included in the package depending on your preference, just like getting breakfast and lunch on the boat, while getting your dinner at the island where you currently are. That way, you get to maximize the experience of knowing more about the culinary taste of Croatia.

You should choose what’s best for you when it comes to taking a sailing vacation in Split, Croatia. If you feel comfortable mingling with other tourists in the local cruise, then you can do so. If you feel that you are more comfortable if you rent a yacht for you and your family then their charter companies that can give you their services. Just make sure that you give a thorough check of the yacht and its facilities before renting it, for safety purposes. 

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