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Sailing: The Canvass Can Do Miracles

Sailing: The Canvass Can Do Miracles


Christopher Cross sang of the inherent beauty there is in sailing. And he was right. There is a rush of wind at your back as the ship plows through the water at high speed whisking you away from the mainland to wherever your heart desires. A spin of the wheel sends the sails to catch the wind and steer your craft onward. The sailing you find in Croatia and the islands of the Adriatic Sea is quite unlike that you will find in the Caribbean or anywhere else.


In Croatia, the stretch of long lonely beaches is intermingled with splendor and history enveloped in ancient city walls and buildings. There are thousands of islands, many of them uninhabited, for you to explore. Whether you want to sail from port to port sampling the different foods, or shopping in the local stores, or you prefer sailing to a specific island, there is plenty to do and see on your sailing vacation. Don’t own a boat? No problem! There are yacht hire locations that can cater to whatever you need to make your sailing trip all you want it to be.

Crystal clear blue waters surround many of these locations and make for some great fishing, skiing or just a nice swim. You’ll see the sun peek over the horizon and cast a bronze hue over each hill. The sunsets are just as spectacular and are awe inspiring. Whether it is a trip to revitalize your creative juices or just to relax with your significant other, it will be one you will never forget. Want to visit an ancient castle? Croatia is the place to be. It makes a beautiful backdrop to propose to your one and only, or to take a romantic trip with the princess you already have.


Living History

Want to tour an ancient fortress? Do you want to be able to touch cannons that were used to defend the island from invaders? It’s all here. You will sense the history as you casually walk across the pathway where soldiers once stood keeping watch over their city. You can stand where they did, with a watchful eye over the wide blue expanse that is the Adriatic Sea.

Visit some of the Byzantine design cathedrals and take a walk into history. View the artistic sculptures of a bygone era and touch the past. Take a horseback ride through lush forests, sit down and picnic on the island where Marco Polo was born at Korcula. When it’s time to pack up and leave, make sure you don’t forget any minute detail of your sailing vacation, take pictures and video everywhere!

Once you are done living history on some of the most spectacular islands in the world, head for one of the marinas for the modern conveniences you never want to leave behind. If the yacht for hire you are on is not equipped with Wi-Fi satellite modems for internet access, you’ll find that at many of the marinas you moor in. Of course, there’s always the wonderful break from the world that lack of access to modern things can bring you.

Split - A City Of Culture and Fun Sailing
Sailing vacation in the “White City” of Biograd na...

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