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Your Sailing Vacation – Vrsar

Your Sailing Vacation – Vrsar


          Your sailing vacation has included a stop beneath Juliet’s balcony in Venice, a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs and sunsets and sunrises unparalleled in splendor and beauty. What possible other romantic stop could you make in Croatia on your rented sailboat? Ever hear of Casanova? Yeah, that one. Pull into the port of Vrsar and visit the street named for the famous lover of the 18th Century where according to his memoirs, he stayed on his journey across the world in search of beautiful women. Snap plenty of pictures, because few people will believe that you actually found the street of Casanova. Not tired of romance quite yet? Hike on up to any one or all three of the romantic lookouts in the old city. Each lookout is decorated with sculptures made at the internationally acclaimed sculpting school, Montraker.

          Do you like a thrill? Of course you do! You’ve rented a sailboat and are cruising the ocean, why wouldn’t you like thrills? Visit the Vrsar airport and take a plane over the island where you can view Istria from the air. See the Lim Channel and the archipelago the way few people ever do! Does the thought of spinning and turning several hundreds of feet above ground not sit well with you? No problem. How about spinning wheels?

          Vrsar has three types of bike trails for exploration and exercise. There is the easy short one, a little bit longer one and the most difficult that passes right along the coast, past the airport all the way to the Lim Gulf. Choose one and enjoy the scenery as you zip through the countryside. What’s wrong? Bikes are too fast? Well, you could always take a leisurely stroll through the Kontija Forest a 140 year old preserve in Istria. When you reach the Lim Gulf, either on the bike or off of your sailboat, take a trip to Romauld’s Cave.

          Do you like dinosaurs? Do your kids? Pay a visit to the Dinopark Funtana! It’s a themepark with rides dedicated to life sized dinosaurs. Actual remains of dinosaurs have been found in Vrsar and the theme park takes advantage of the regions popularity for fossil hunting and paleontology.

          Visit the Park of Sculptures. Or if you enjoy art and learning, and you happen to be here in August, take in the sculpting school Montraker. Thousands of sculpting enthusiasts travel here every year to learn from each other.  When the day is done, look toward the harbor. Vrsar is known for it fishermen’s festivities. You may be able to join in from your sailboat and take part.

          Vrsar is one more excellent destination to aim for in your sailing vacation. If you have a little fear about piloting one of these sailing vessels for yourself in Croatia, there are some companies that will allow you to hire a captain and crew. All you have to do on your vacation is relax and let them do the driving!

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