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Please feel free to share your sailing adventure with us.

A great time in Greece sailing

WOW!! Greece is a lovely place to enjoy your vacation. Greece has lots of astonishing beauty which is a must to see. You can see the incredible luxury of sailing in waters of Greece. This is a one time experience in life. This country has thousands of islands gives you lots of startling time. If you are very adventurous and enjoy sailing then this is one of the best places to be in. Greece is very mountainous in the south of Balkans. It is surrounded by more than 1400 islands. The superlative thing is most of the island are very close to each other. This is something great and you cannot find this anywhere else in the world.


Sailing in Greece is a wonderful experience

Sailing in Greece can really give you something unique to see. There are yachts and bare boats which are very popular. If you are on a vacation with you whole family then sailing in Lonian Islands is one of the preeminent things you can do. This island is famous for calm winds, faultless climate even suitable for travellers who are not very skilled in sailing. This is an ideal vacation destination for one and all. There are lots of famous island here like the Perigiali and Nikiana. You can enjoy your afternoon meal here along with waves splashing all the time against the keel in the crystal clear water. There is a special character in each island and you will surely fall in love with each one you see.

Why should you visit Greece?

  • Greece is full of stunning beaches and you are sure to have a great time here.
  • Greece has got lovely green landscapes, which is only here and nowhere else.
  • Greece has tons of port towns.
  • Crystal clear water with Pleasures of Sailing.
  • There are so many deserted beaches here.
  • Amazing scenery which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.
  • Great local food with super wines.
  • Most of the islands in Greece are excellent for sailing.



You should consider air ticket, car rental, food, hotel fares and then decide about yacht charter which is a great experience for one and all. Many people think that chartering a yacht in Greece can be very expensive. But if you calculate well it will be the same even without it.

Advantages for chartering a yacht on your vacation in Greece.

1) You can visit more islands at your own pace you decide itinerary.

2) Chartering a yacht is not very expensive.

3) Not worry about having a hotel accommodation.

4) There are different types of yatchs based on your needs and budgets.

What type of yacht should I charter?

Take help of a good professional yacht charter company to plan your holiday and which yatch to charter, you can sit with them and decide about your own custom itinerary. Sailing in Greece is very exciting. You can really take pleasure in the islands and also enjoy the mesmerizing ancient histories of each.


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