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Sailing Destinations in Greece

The best sailing destination in the MediterraneanSeamakes Greece one of the most popular places to visit. While Greece consists of a mountainous, peninsular mainland which extends out into the sea and its many islands, Greece has the 11th largest coastline in the world.   Boasting almost 6, 000 in number of which 227 are inhabited Greece is a sailor’s dream destination to explore.


The Aegean and Ionian Seas, bordering the islands of Greece, are the most popular and well known offering the opportunity for exploration of its many islands.While most sailing trips are focused on islands hopping, it also allows for time to relax and explore hidden coves you would not have had normal access to had you been searching by foot or car.

The Ionian Islands.

Although made up of seven islands, the best destinations for sailing to would be Corfu, Kefalonia, and Zakynthos. Besides the beautiful beaches of crystal blue water, each city holds a secret treasure cove of experiences unique in to themselves.   Corfu is very popular for the preserved Venetian-style buildings and the lively nightlife. Kefalonia is known for its tranquility and unspoiled sites such as its caves, endless mountain areas and extraordinary beaches. Zakynthos is the second most popular of the Ionian Islands as it provides a large variety of night clubs.

The Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands.

The sunniest corner in Greece, the Dodecanese Islands are made up of twelve large islands and numerous smaller ones. Boasting crystal clear waters, sandy or pebble beaches, important archeological finds, several medieval monuments and plenty unique settlements waiting to be discovered, the Dodecanese Islands is a sailing explorer’s playground. The islands are a perfect get away to sail between and discover all manner of hidden areas and treasures or just relax on the beach and catch some sun.Once you are done exploring the Dodecanese Islands make sure you head over to the Cyclades Islands for the excellent sailing conditions due to the great winds, just be prepared that you have an experienced skipper at the helm as The Aegean Sea is very challenging.

The Sporades Islands.


Home to one of the biggest seal species, the Mediterranean Monk Seal makes its home on the island of Alonissos. Skiathos was the traveling ground to some of the greatest writers, such as Alexander Papadiamantis and home to historical churches. For a peaceful place to enjoy the family holidays, Skopelos is a great destination with sparkling seas and sandy beaches. Make sure to taste the famous Skopelos cheese pies and don’t forget to visit the island of Skyros, home of the Skyros Institute of Holistic Studies.

Sailing in Greece is one of the best ways to ensure that you experience the many beautiful islands and all of their hidden coves and bays. As the seas can be difficult to navigate between the islands at certain time and in different locations, it is best to have an experienced skipper with you as you take your journey.


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