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Master of the Sea

GREEECE is GREAT!!! This holiday you need to get away to the sea and enjoy sailing as never before. The crystal clear waters, the colourful sea life is beckoning you to a trip of a lifetime. To start out on a super vacation, firstly rent a Sailboat or a Yacht, with or without a captain, depending on your experience at sea. It can either be an individual or a group cruise, we have boats with larger accommodation as well. Once you have sailed the possibilities are endless.


Visit everything you Can – You will Love it.

You can start with a visit to the nearby city and towns, as well as go on your boat to the nearby islands, even the tiniest and uninhabited ones. Have a Party on the boat with the finest seafood available. Live like a master of a Catamaran. With accommodation on the boat you can save on your hotel bill as well. Another point could be that you will learn how to sail, so that next year you will not have to hire a captain on a sailing trip if you visit other place like Croatia, Greece or Turkey. There are also many other fabulous destinations like France, Malta, Caribbean, Spain, Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia and Thailand.

Renting a crewed catamaran


There are additional benefits of renting a crewed catamaran, as it will give you a grand relaxing holiday. So it is recommended that you charter a catamaran with a professional crew. That will take care of all worries like navigation and remembering the areas. And you will have all the time for leisure and your own antics.

All our destinations are clean with very peaceful bays and anchorages, and have some of the best beaches around the world, with very few visitors. And inland you will have a lot to do as well, like looking around the spectacular scenery, the native village life, and awesome night life and dining pubs and restaurants. All this to flatter yourself to a one superb outing and you will make new and lasting friendships. Most of your days and of course nights will leave you with a craving desire to come back for more.

Want to feel like Zeus himself?

Take a trip to Mt. Lycabettus, the highest point in Athens and look down on the entire city like a God. It is a beautiful view and certainly worth the trip. Check out Little Venice while you’re there and walk through the historic area, immersing yourself in the sights, sounds and aromas. Stop off at one of the many cafes and restaurants in the area and enjoy fresh grilled fish washed down with cold beer. This is one of the best places along with the islands. But it is very difficult to get away from the islands in Greece.  You should hire a yatch or a crewed catamaran from a professional company. They will give you a  good price and you will get a good service too. Research is the key.

Paradise on earth is here in Greece.
Spectacular Greece – With Right Planning

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