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Paradise on earth is here in Greece.

It is LOVELY!!! Paradise on earth that is what is Greece. There are so many beautiful places here. island of Cyclades has 147 islands. You can have a really wonderful time here. A unique experience in yachting is always on offer here. You can very easily do island hopping here. You cannot visit all of them in one trip it is impossible. The western part is very green compared to other places. Here there is small marinas for the sea travelers.


The Right Season for yatch charter

The yatch charter season in Greece is from the month of  April to November. Sailing during this season has lots of benefits of their own. You can find very large crowd here during summers. Also during this time you can have full access to museums, taverns, and lots of places on the islands. Hence is it is a very good time to visit with your friends and family. If you plan well then things will go smoothly and you will have an enjoyable vacation. If you have everything in place then your main focus is on enjoying the vacation and not anything else. So always take time to get things in place the right way before you start. Always do the right research to find some good options.

Stunning site to see for one and all

Spring of rains during this season will make islands look more beautiful. Greenery will be there all over and is a stunning site to see for one and all. Temperatures’ are warm and they make for perfect swimming or snorkelling. Lots of people have a great time swimming here. But keep in mind the safety and should be only done with proper protective gears to avoid any kind of tragedy. You have steady winds here and high water.

Travel in Greece


The capital Athens is a superb place to start with it's energetic, bustling day time personality giving way to a vibrant, chic nightlife. Athens encapsulates much of the identity of modern Greece being at once both culturally rich and diverse. Head to Athens in Spring or Autumn when the intense heat of the Mediterranean will have abated and enjoy everything this exciting city has to offer. Immerse yourself in the culture of Athens right away with a visit the Acropolis and in particular the Parthenon Temple, arguably the world's most important example of classical architecture. Don't miss the new Acropolis Museum either which gives visitors a fantastic insight into the art, lifestyle and culture of the ancient Greeks.

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is well worth a visit too and is free to enter. Head to Ftelia Beach at the end of your day's sightseeing to unwind or take a dip. There are so many islands here that you will have a great time. Always keep in mind to hire a yatch or a bear boat which will really help you to move ahead as per your own liking.

Greece You Favourite Holiday Destination
Master of the Sea

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