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Discovering enchanting sailing destinations in Greece

A sailing vacation in Greece will mean a truly magical sailing experience for you! Greece has been over the years marked as one of the world’s most famous sailing destinations, and a trip to this beautiful country will leave you with a clear understanding of why this is the case. You can sail to the west of Greece and cruise on the magnificent Ionian Sea, as well as paying a visit to Corfu and other neighboring islands. You can start up north from Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea and make your way south while tanking in uniquely beautiful islands, with their historical sites and charming wonders that make them exceptional islands to visit.

For your sailing pleasure, you will find quite a number of vessels to choose from; from the bare boats with no crew on board, to the catamarans and yachts in different sizes. Greece is blessed with thousands of islands just waiting for you to come explore, with the most famous being Dodecanese Islands, Ionian Islands and Cyclades, in addition to the beautiful islands in the Saronic and Argolic Gulf and the Sporades.

You can start your sailing adventure from the beautiful town of Nydri, down the Meganissi channel and onto Little Sivota. From there you can make your way to Paleros, with all the spectacular scenery to be enjoyed. You will find unspoiled sandy beaches while in Paleros, which can be found on the west coast mainland Greece. In the same area you will also view pine trees and olive trees with vineyards that are dotted all over the area.


Located to the east of Lefkada is the mountainous island of Kalamos with all its charm. A place worth a stop on your sail, from Kalamos, you can make your way to Frikes, a well known island of Ithaca, that is infested by jelly fish, as well as wonderful snorkeling waters.  Legend has it that the beautiful island of Ithaca was home to the great Odysseus, but that is not all, it’s also home to a number of historical as well as archaeological landmarks that will make your visit worthwhile. You will also get to enjoy beautiful walks on the beautiful beaches or just sit back and enjoy the sun, while you watch the world float by.

If it’s wonderful beaches that you are looking for, then Greece will not disappoint you! Ensure that you make stop overs to the top beach destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini for a memorable visit. Also pay a visit to Paros Island and you will be amazed by the wonderful beaches on offer, that will give you a relaxed feeling. Take a cruise to Antiparos at you will be marveled at the two beaches in the area. Aside from the beautiful beaches, you will also be amazed by the interesting history attached to the area. Other islands to visit while in Greece include Mykonoskos, Skiathos, and Thassos, each with its own intrigue that will leave you wanting for more. In short a sailing trip to Greece is one worth making!


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