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Important Tips for Sailing in Athens Area

Sailing in Athens area

To a number of sailing enthusiasts, sailing in Athens area provides for a magical sailing experience. Athens, which is the capital and largest city of Greece is also known as one of the world’s oldest cities. Greece as a whole, in terms of beautiful islands, mean that you will not luck in where to anchor and enjoy stunning natural beauty and fascinating surroundings.

One of the most famous sailing destinations, sailing in Athens area provides you with genuine sailing pleasure, with thousands of islands, some worth visiting and some not just waiting for you to explore them.


Tips for sailing in Athens area

Athens much like any other sailing destination in Greece provides for an exceptional sailing trip. With a number of beautiful and amazing islands to choose from, it is no wonder that it is a frequented sailing spot.

A look at a few tips that will make for an enjoyable experience while sailing in Athens area:

  1. You could search through the popular Greek islands and make your way to then in order to unfurl what makes them popular. Some of the more popular islands include the Santorini Island which is renowned for the submerged caldera; Mykonos island which offers a great traditional Greek architectural interface in addition to its golden beaches; Naxos which offers its visitors a little bit of everything; Corfu island which possesses a rich culture and stunning beauty; Lefkada island with a rich history surrounded with amazing mountains and Paros which is a great destination for water-sporting activities.
  2. You need to embrace the different sailing seasons so that you have a great experience of it. Typically, the sailing season takes place in the months of April through to November, however, the season is highest in the months of July through to September. Depending on whether or not you want to be surrounded with crowds of other sailors, you could choose your season of sailing accordingly.

What makes sailing in Athens area a charming experience?

Ultimately, no matter what season you choose to partake your sailing experience, Athens provides for a stunning destination. It comes rich in its history with a charming culture to explore and a number of attractions such as mineral baths, museums, taverns and others to discover. You will get a glimpse into the lives of the Greek, both the present and a touch of their history.


At the end of the day, you will wish for the sailing season not to come to an end since the beautiful waters of the Athens areas will keep beckoning you to them. You will need to plan your route ahead of time and check with the weather so as to maximize upon your sailing experience.

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