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Enchanting places to visit when you rent a sailboat in Greece

Greece is one of those places that once you visit; you just want to keep coming back for more! It is one truly enchanting place with a number of fascinating places to visit, but more to point it is a great place to sail. Greece is blessed with clear blue waters and wonderful sailing conditions, with a number of islands to keep you fascinated. Rent a sail boat in Greece and discover what makes the islands in the region so bewitching!b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_110048081_20131223-190657_1.jpg

Reasons to rent a sailboat in Greece

When you rent a sailboat in Great, you are paving your way onto discovering some of the area’s most amazing sceneries while embracing its rich history and charming cultural heritage. There are a number of fascinating places to sail to and as such, you need to plan your route ahead, so as to know what the weather conditions will be like and some of the things to expect while in the area, such as the activities to indulge in.

Dependent on the sailing company, there are a number of vessels to choose from, from the catamarans, to the bare boats that come with no crew, as well as the yachts in different sizes, for a luxurious sail or an ordinary one. Some of the beautiful islands to look forward to visiting while in Greece include; the Saronic and Argolic Gulf, the Sporades, the Ionian Islands, Dodecanese Islands as well as Cyclades among others.

Sailing routes to embrace when you rent a sailboat in Greece

 Dependent on where you landed in Greece or where you prefer to stay while in Greece, there are different routes to enjoy. You could rent a sailboat in Greece and begin your sailing adventure for the charmingly beautiful town of Nydri. From Nydri, you could sail down to the Meganissi channel and then move onto Little Sivota, which lets you make your way onto Paleros. Each spot you sail to will leaving you mesmerized by its sheer beauty!

When you sail to the West of Greece, you will be cruising on the shimmering Ionian Sea which could lead you towards Corfu as well as other nearby islands. In order to make your way south, you need to begin your journey from Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea. Along the way, you will be overwhelmed with beautiful nature’s wonders, with charming historical sites to visit and beautiful landscape to enjoy.


For a great relaxing experience, you could make your way onto any number of beautiful beaches in Greece.  Greece is not short of small but fascinating villages, each with a rich historical charm as well as mesmerizing cultures. There are a number of places to visit from the museums to the beaches to the historic sites and a lot more in between.

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