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A Complete Guide to Sailing in Crete

A Complete Guide to Sailing in Crete

Weather conditions to expect while Sailing in Crete

Crete provides for a unique sailing experience with fascinating and interesting locations to stop at. While sailing in Crete, you are sure to enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, gorgeous islands,  a rich history to the different areas in addition to a charming culture.

During mid-summer, the ‘Meltemi’ blow, hitting the North Crete coast in a hard way. On the other hand, strong Katabatic winds that blow off the mountains along the coast to the south provide for a rather windy sail.


Fascinating locations to expect while sailing in Crete

Sailing in Crete provides for a number of lovely spots such as beautiful islands, exotic beaches and interesting architecture. The beautiful island of Crete lies in the southernmost point of Greece. It is surrounded by a beautiful crystal clear blue ocean and kissed by beautiful sun rays, that provide for a great sun bathing experience.. It is the largest island in Greece and is home to a number of exquisite adventures.

While sailing in Crete, you get to enjoy a number of fascinating museums, climb stunning mountains or explore luscious valleys. A sail through the area provides for a romantic night out at sea and exotic locations to visit. Crete is famous for its beautiful coast lines.

While enjoying Crete island’s unspoiled beauty, be sure to pay a visit to the five amazing destinations of Gulf of Mirabello, Spinalonga Island, Heraklion, Rethymnon and Granvoussa Island and Balos Lagoon.

$1·         The Gulf of Mirabello which is to the north-east of the Island offers sailors perfect sailing conditions, beautifully colored sunsets and stunning ancient remains.

$1·         The Spinalonga Island which is a small island in the Gulf of Elounda is surrounded with gorgeous shimmering turquoise waters that make for an ideal swim or snorkel.

$1·         Heraklion with the amazing 16th century fortress and the fascinating ruins of palace of Knossos

$1·         Rethymon which combines a uniquely charming blend of both the Turkish and Venetian influences, with stunning attractions to explore. It is also home to a number of beautiful beaches and beautiful landscapes.

$1·         Gramvoussa Island and Balos Lagoon which provides you with the much needed peace and quiet as you swim through its exquisite waters, take in its amazingly beautiful sunset and generally take a load of, relax the day away.


There are other spectacular spots to visit while sailing in Crete, however, the above five are a favorite to many. The beautiful island of Crete comes with lovely coves and bays, clear glistering blue and turquoise waters and wonderful climate for a great sailing experience. It provides for one of the sunniest spots on the island with a stunning beauty to behold for miles on end. A sail to this amazing island is a worthwhile experience!

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