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Sail to the Sporades Islands for exquisite natural wonders

Sail to the Sporades Islands for exquisite natural wonders

Located off the eastern shore of mainland Greece, the Sporades Islands provide for scenic surroundings to their visitors. Out of the eleven islands of the group, only four are inhabited; Skiros, Skiathos, Alonissos and Skopelos. The Sporades are blessed with rich green vegetation and are surrounded by beautiful green blue waters, which is why they are dubbed as the emerald of the Aegean.  Rent a sailboat in Sporades and sail through wondrous nature, dotted with some of the most beautiful beaches the world over and holding a charming culture to them.


Weather conditions to expect when you rent a sailboat in Sporades

As is with the rest of any typical eastern Mediterranean resort destination, the prevailing weather conditions in the Sporades are hot winter months and moderate winter months with occasional rainfall. The months of April through to October are the most ideal for a great sailing experience. The regions are great for sailors with midrange sailing skills.

Rent a sailboat in Sporades and explore the four beautiful islands

The Sporades have a total of eleven islands, of which four are inhabited and frequently visited. Each of the four islands provides for a unique experience for its visitors, from its beautiful surroundings to the charming cultures to the area.

The Skiros Island which is the largest though least visited island provides for the exploration of calm and picturesque beaches. The beaches provide for a challenging time to access them, but once on them, the experience is worthwhile and fulfilling. As a visitor, you get to experience the Greek’s everyday lifestyle without the usual crowds of tourists to curb your experience.


Skopelos Island doesn’t have a lot of beaches to boast of, however, it makes up for this with luscious greenery. The island is covered in a pine forest and dotted with sleepy resorts around its few beaches. This island provides for genuine relaxation and an enjoyment of nature that surpasses the rest of the islands.

For some of the beast beaches of the collections islands, rent a sailboat in Sporades and make your way to Skiathos Island. The island of Alonissos on the other hand is one of the most visited islands of the Sporades, the hiking is frequented for a great hiking experience and a chance to gawk at nature’s sheer beauty. There are limited beaches to the islands.

Rent a sailboat in Sporades, go island hopping and discover why so many people frequent this region. You will savor the natural splendors of Greece, discover ancient ruins, historical sites and be a part of the region’s charming culture. A number of architectural masterpieces, artifacts, important landmarks in addition to remnants of ancient civilization await you when you make your way to the region.

Sail to one of Greece’s most beautiful islands
Trace Greece’s fascinating history with a sail to ...

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