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Sailing in Cyclades - What Awaits you There?

Sailing in Cyclades - What Awaits you There?

Wind conditions to expect while sailing in Cyclades

The beautiful islands of Cyclades lie to the east or south east of Poros and to the south east of Athens and the Greek mainland. This enchanting group of islands provides for a fabulous sailing experience, and with the islands is close proximity to each other, you get to take a relaxing sail to each and every one of them or just a select few, dependent on your sailing time-frame.



Sailing in Cyclades ensures that you embrace a fascinatingly rich history, a journey through a civilization that traces back to the Bronze age and beautiful artworks. In addition, there are a number of stunning beaches to enjoy, scenic shores in addition to fabulous water-sporting venues.

These beautiful islands are not protected by any mainland which means that they are more exposed to the northerly ‘Meltemi’ wind. As such, you need to plan on the months that you will take your sailing rip. Sailing in Cyclades during the months of July through to September will mean a sail with the ‘Meltemi’ wind. With such conditions to expect in the region, a sail in the area is much more invigorating as compared to the rest of the group of islands.

Places of interest while sailing in Cyclades

Sailing in Cyclades provides its visitors with a typical set of Greek islands with a number of fascinating locations to look forward to. A look at some of the places of interest to venture into on your sail:


Vourkari, Kéa which is the first island that you land on while travelling from the mainland Attic coast. It is a stunning island to visit, which is why it attracts a large number of visitors. From a distance, the island of Kea appears to be barren, with the bare hills hiding fertile valleys that are filled with olive groves and orchards.

The Island of Kíthnos which lies to the south of Kea, is known for its cheese and provides for stunning sceneries. The island is also home to some of the best beaches on the south-eastern coast.

The island of Sérifos which lies next to Kithnos and appears like a giant rock that is rising out of the sea, it appears in a domed shape. It is also home to a number of beautiful beaches in addition to stunning sceneries to enjoy.

The island of Andros which is home to fascinating museums, a number of beautiful beaches and breathtaking surroundings.

Milos which is home to a number of beautiful hot springs. The island comes with a fascinatingly rich history and stunning beaches. In addition, there are a number of sea caves as well as coves for your enjoyment

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