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How to enjoy a great sail when you rent a sailboat in Macedonia

Costs to rent a sailboat in Macedonia

Greece provides for an ideal island hopping experience with the numerous islands to the area, each holding a fascination of its own. Rent a sailboat in Macedonia to discover some amazing islands to the area. With some islands closely connected, you can enjoy Maximum Island hopping in small amounts of time, the islands are normally an hour apart.



For a great sailing experience, visit with the areas of Struga , Prespa Lake and Orhid while in Marcedonia. Struga  lies on the shore of Lake Orchid and provides for beautiful architectural buildings, and fascinating sceneries. These beautiful regions provide for a good sail on clear turquoise waters while enjoying beautiful surroundings and the refreshing breeze from the wind.

There are a number of vessel operators to the area, each with a set price dependent on the vessel to be used, the number of people for the said trip and whether or not the vessel comes with a skipper. As such, you need to do your homework in terms of the best package for you at reasonable prices.

What you need to rent a sailboat in Macedonia

 Sailing can be a relaxing sport to indulge in, however when you choose to rent a sailboat in Macedonia, there are a number of things that you need to beware of in order to enjoy a great sail.

$1·         You need to pack the right cloths for your sail, in case you get wet, you will need a change of clothes, or in case the weather conditions change, then you will need the appropriate clothing.

$1·         You need to carry a sailing knife for the times when you will need it.

$1·         In case you will be taking part in sailing the boat, then you need to build up your wrist strength. This is because for a number of boating activities, your wrist strength is required to lower or raise the anchor, to crank on winches, to steer the coat, to aft on the boat or move forward among others.

$1·          You also need to keep track of the weather forecast, this way, you know how the wind will shift and what the weather conditions are like, this way you get to enjoy a safe and good sail.

$1·         You need to polish up on your anchoring techniques , this means that you should ensure that the anchor on board is ready to be lowered within ten seconds. You need to check with the condition of the anchor, check with the anchor chain, the rope rode, anchor shackles as well as parts of the anchors itself( shank, ring, flukes)

$1·         You need to inspect your sailboat, check the cow, the anchor, the turnbuckle fittings, the lifelines, traveler lines, and cotton pin integrity among others.


Ultimately, when you rent a sailboat in Macedonia,  you will explore the numerous islands, dependent on your itinerary and enjoy a number of activities inclusive of swimming, diving, windsurfing, canoeing, and water skiing among others. You will get to discover the rich history attached to the numerous islands, their charming culture and explore the sheer beauty that surrounds them

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