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Discover the quiet though interesting island of Skyros

Important things to remember when you rent a sailboat in Skyros

A uniquely different atmosphere can be had at the Skyros Island. Owing to its location at the South-East point of the Sporages group of islands, Skyros rests much closer to the center of the Aegean Sea. As such, you can expect strong gushing winds to the area. When compared to the rest of the islands, Skyros provides for a more a much more challenging sail with a significantly increased wind force. Beware of a number of rocks and shallow waters along the North and North-Eastern part of the coast as well as to the North of the Island when approaching it.


Generally though, the climate to the area is mild and rainy in the winter seasons, and sunny and warm in the summer season.

Interesting things to look forward to when you rent a sailboat in Skyros

The island is not only rich in history in terms of archaeological sites, but there are a number of other attractions to look forward to. Rent a sailboat in Skyros and explore the beautiful island of Skyros. Discover the rich history it embraces, the numerous museums with fascinating collections in addition to the ancient ruins of castles . Look in awe at the amazing architecture of the island’s houses with their picturesque roofs, pebbled entrances and other fascinating features.

Although Skyros is not a very touristy island, when you rent a sailboat in Skyros  to explore this amazing island, you will find that it has managed to maintain its tradition through the centuries. Probably one of the things that highlight this region is the Skyros horse that is not to be found anywhere else in the world, which stands at about a meter in height and has a thick neck to it. Children particularly find this horse interesting, and it finds the friendly, which is why young riders enjoy a ride on it.

The island is a nature loving person’s paradise with uniquely beautiful nature, luscious greenery and interesting flora and fauna. When you tour the northern part of the Island, you will discover that it is covered with luscious greenery and beautiful forests, while the southern part of the island is more dry, infertile and rocky.


For a more relaxing trip, rent a sailboat in Skyros and enjoy pine-forested beaches and coves or sandy beaches dependent on the location. Water sporting activities are not plentiful in the area owing to the few organized beached offering the same. However, you can enjoy a sport of windsurfing or sailing lessons at select beaches. You can also look forward to the seals and dolphins that accompany your sailboat in some instances. 

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