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Sail to one of Greece’s most beautiful islands

Sail to one of Greece’s most beautiful islands

Located off the eastern coat of Central Greece is one of the most stunning islands the world over; the island of Evia. It is also the second largest island of Greece which comes with a beautiful landscape and bewitching scenery, with a number of beautiful mountains and surrounded with glistering blue waters. These beautiful crystal clear blue waters are what make for a great sailing experience while in the region. As you watch the world float by, you are surrounded by beautiful and amazing natural wonders.


Rent a sailboat in Evia and sail your way through wondrous nature

When you rent a sailboat in Evia, you are looking to sail through beautiful clear waters while embracing beautiful and amazing natural wonders that surround the area. The region is a perfect spot to take a load off from your everyday life, and enjoy memorable holidaying experiences. There are a number of activities to be enjoyed from the water-based activities to those on the island itself. You will visit with fascinating sites on the island

Evia is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches, fascinating monuments and a pleasant climate all geared to make your visit worthwhile.  There are a number of beautiful towns and villages throughout this charming island, each with a fascinating history and charming culture attached to it. Rent a sailboat in Evia and come discover what makes this exotic island a popular island of choice for many a sailor to the area.

You will enjoy a bit of hiking through beautiful landscapes while enjoying intense beauty that only nature is able to give. There are water sporting activities to be enjoyed, especially in the summer season, such a swimming in the magnificent waters that surround the island. You could also enjoy a ride through the some areas of the island on horseback or go climbing. Evia is especially special for mountain bikers owing to its great mountain biking landscape.

All in all, the beautiful island of Evia provides for breathtaking sceneries with a rich history to be held throughout the island. It is a great place for many nature lovers to come and relax their time away in the bosoms of mother nature, with most wishing to stay on at the island forever!


Where to rent a sailboat in Evia

To explore the beautiful island of Evia, in case you don’t have a personal boat, then you need to rent a sailboat in Evia. You will find a number of cruise operators in the area with varying rates and packaging to ensure your maximum enjoyment of the area.

In case you plan on staying on at the island, then be sure to look through the numerous accommodation choices from apartments, hotels and rooms.

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