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Rent a sailboat in Sterea Hellas and explore a number of fascinating locations

Sailing in Sterea Hellas provides for a number of fascinating locations to visit from the beautiful towns with interesting architecture to the wonderful beaches.  Located in Central Greece, Sterea Hellas has a number of towns in each of the prefectures that it is divided into, with each town providing for a number of sights to keep you fascinated. The region is divided into the prefectures of Fokis, Aitolokarnania, Evia, Viotia and Fthiotis.


How to rent a sailboat in Sterea Hellas

With a number of choices to choose from, having to rent a sailboat in Sterea Hellas can prove to be a daunting task, however it is one task that you have to undertake in order to have a great sailing experience.

A look at some tips in helping you choose a sailboat company

Destination:  You need to know which sail routes you will to undertake before going for a particular sailboat

The number of cabins that you will need on your sailing trip is another important aspect to look into. Are you sailing alone, as a couple or a group? Equipped with the answers, you can then decide upon the size of boat you wish to use.

Your budget is another deciding factor for the kind of sailboat you will be renting. This is because different sailboats call for different prices.  You also need to find out the additional costs that you may incur while on the sailing trip. Additional costs could include; gratuity, water sports, fuel, and dockage among others.

The kind of amenities you wish to have on your sailing trip are also a deciding factor for you to rent a sailboat in Sterea Hellas.  Are you looking for a luxurious boat, or a more ordinary one?  You need to be sure that the amenities attached to a particular sailboat are exactly what you need, this way, you avoid spending on something that you don’t really need!


Weather conditions for when you rent a sailboat in Sterea Hellas

As with much of the sailing destinations in Greece, a sail in the Sterea Hellas comes with good weather for a great sailing experience. However, before you set sail, and depending on the route that you intend on using, you need to check out the weather conditions to avoid a bad sailing experience.  There may be areas prone to ‘Meltemi winds’ which can provide for a challenging sailing experience while there are others that provide for good weather for sailing throughout.  Ideally, the months of April through to October are preferred for a number of sailors owing to the good climate, however, depending on your sailing skills, there are other months in between that can be utilized for sailing. 

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